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St. Thomas in the news!

Normally we’re encouraging our readers to come on down to the US Virgin Islands and enjoy a little Caribbean Paradise with all the benefits of, well, being in the US!

Every once in a while though a person connected in some way to the Islands makes it into the news.  

This time, it’s Cardinal O’Malley.  From 1984 – 1992 the then Bishop O’Malley served at the Dioceses of St. Thomas.  Today, Cardinal O’Malley is considered to be in the running to become the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  For the local church community and those that remember working with Cardinal O’Malley it has to be an exciting time.  After 1996, O’Malley was called to Massachusetts, Palm Beach, and then Boston where he became and archbishop.  In 2006 Pope Benedict XVI elevated O’Malley to cardinal.  In that position he was assigned to the Santa Maria della Vittoria which was begun in the early 1600’s.  

For us, it gives an opportunity to highlight some of the history of Roman Catholic Church on the Islands.  For example, in Frenchtown is St. Ann’s Chapel, which has existed for over 90 years.  Nowhere near as old as the Santa Maria della Vittoria, both are tourism destinations.   In fact, feel free to contact St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral to arrange a guided tour.

Aptly, St Ann is the patron saint of fishermen, and there are many opportunities to fish in the Virgin Islands! 


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