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Crucian Gold is the artist jewelry studio of the Bishop family, located on the Caribbean Island of St. Croix, in the U. S. Virgin Islands. The Caribbean is a place of wondrous sites, luscious smells and tastes and enchanting beauty. Crucian Gold offers uniquely handcrafted, artful jewelry pieces. Creatively designed in gold and silver, each Crucian Gold jewelry piece reflects the islands captivating charm.

“That’s where they make the knot bracelet!”…Brian’s knot tying skills have been a motivating tool for Crucian Gold’s pieces. As a sailor and diver, Brian learned to perfect his knot tying and transform the art into wearable fine jewelry, using strands of gold or silver metal, and weaving them into knot jewelry. Tying knots of Gold and Silver has become Crucian Gold’s signature, just as you’ll find on the Crucian Bracelet also called the love knot bracelet.

The word “Crucian”, also known as Cruzan, or Cruzian refers to anything that is from the Island of St. Croix, including the people, dialect and culture. Thirty years ago, Brian opened Crucian Gold as a young artist/metalsmith, paying tribute to his Caribbean Island home. Being born and raised on St. Croix the family has been strongly influenced by the island’s diverse cultures and rich West Indian heritage. Many of the jewelry designs reflect this inspiration by using natural resources like wood, coral, and conch pearls and pieces of history, such as “Chaney”, broken china shards which can be found on St. Croix.

Now Brian, with the help of his two sons, Ben and Nathan, developed Crucian Gold’s repertoire to include a selection of fine, timeless jewelry designs and some fun casual jewelry pieces as well. Crucian Gold collection includes hand crafted bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings made with their unique trademark style in 14 or 18 karat gold and Sterling Silver. These wearable works of art jewelry will enthrall and inspire. They have come to be recognized by connoisseurs of fine jewelry all over the world. So, treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate luxury of fine hand made gold and silver jewelry to mark any special occasion. Let the jewelry you wear speak for itself and compliment you in every way!

This is Crucian Gold’s online store, and we hope you find what you seek here!

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