Accommodation St Thomas


Lovely and versatile, Seascape is an apartment pavilion in a private gated compound  It comes with one well-furnished bedroom and a bath with complete kitchen and another king bedroom/bath adjoining for a 3rd and 4th person. This private home sits cliffside over the ocean, and has beeb carefully designed by the architect to compliment the tropical environment and offer full appreciation of the views of Chocolate Hole.

Seascape Main House
Seascape Main House, courtesy of Seascape.

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Hi Mary! This piece feels so peaceful. It remendid of Sarasota. We took some pictures of the beach. I keep saying I need to try it out, but haven’t come around to do it. I am painting more, now that I am away from the internet. I do miss you all though. It was nice to be connected again! I will check-in again soon.Keep on painting these inspiring scenes!

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