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Magic Ice

Magic Ice is a permanent ice gallery in the world that presents the history of the Caribbean islands. The gallery is located in a 10,000 sq feet old warehouse, with walls and sculptures made of transparent ice.

This is world class ice art. 16 artists from different parts of the world have created “art below zero” at Magic Ice. They are famous artists, not only within the field of ice carving, but also painting, and sculpting in sand and stone. They have taken part in many ice art competitions all over the world and have received several awards.

Snow and ice art embrace various means of expression such as sculpture, installation art, scenography, landart and architecture, indoors and out. Enhance your enjoyment of this by exploring the incredibly varied forms of expression created by snow and ice.

Magic Ice expresses this bond between Man and Nature in a unique way, forming an arena among ice crystals, authenticity and purity.

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