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Antilles Resorts -Colony Cove

No other beach resort in the Caribbean offers such modern accommodations nestled so delightfully within such a natural, harmonious island environment.

Colony Cove is truly special. It has two living reefs just off its long, balmy, palm-fronded swimming beach. Its tranquil tropical herb garden is well-known throughout the Caribbean. Sun-drenched nature walks are just a few short footsteps away. Bird watching and sand castle building are all easily accomplished within its shady, palm lined beach.

Of course, the main accent is on pure, unadulterated tropical relaxation…and nothing relaxes a world-weary traveler as quickly as Mother Nature.

Pick out a beach chair. Rest awhile. Close your tired eyes. Feel the sun; feel it melt away your tensions. Smell the tangy salt air. Listen to the blue heron laugh. Feel the heat of the fabled tropics; its lush richness and romantic calypso rhythms.

But just beneath the tranquil surface of this remarkable resort is a deeper, more serious side: eco-tours, dive adventures and sailing excursions.

No other Caribbean resort features such a diverse eco-library which includes books, tapes and videos.  “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but bubbles,” is the unofficial motto of the resort.

And it practices what it preaches.

Yet, despite its heartfelt natural focus, Colony Cove also offers all the comforts and conveniences of home…full kitchen, microwave, washer & dryers, Cable TV, VCR and HBO.
Colony Cove. All the magic of the Caribbean, all the comforts of home.

Business Conferences: Colony Cove can easily accommodate groups. Call for rates. Our conference rooms can seat 35 people and we have televisions, VCRs, flip charts, fax machines, slide projectors, overhead projectors, professional secretarial services, etc.  All are available upon request.

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BUYER BEWARE!!!! Our first impression of Colony Cove (or antilles resorts, as they are officially called) was that it was surrounded by barb-wire fences. (That can’t be good, right?) Then, as soon as we checked in at 4pm, the “Front desk” closed until 9am on the next day.
First, we discovered long gross hairs all over the bathrooms and on our sheets. Oh, and USED condom wrappers by the bed. So disgusting. Then, we found thousands of ants in both bathrooms and kitchen.
After that, we realized that there were no toiletries. NONE, just hand soap. The website says they have that included. When we went to the front desk (around 250yds from the room) they were gone for the day, so no shower! On the next day, they bought a “2 in 1 shower gel” bottle. That was it.
We also discovered that there was no wifi, although they also claimed that it was included in the room. They said they would take care of it right away, but they NEVER did. 4 days later: nothing.
The hotel beach is covered with gross and smelly seaweed. Don’t even bother!
Walking around that neighborhood is also a suicide mission. There’s a slum merely a block away, and there are no sidewalks. And we not prissy, we come from a third world country: this was worse!!!
But…The worst part of our stay, was when after spending the entire day at the beach, we came back to our room doors (Oh, yeah. There are 2 of them!) WIDE OPEN! And I don’t mean unlocked. I mean o-p-e-n! Of course we called “Security” (An 75+ old guy who needed my help to climb the stairs). Anyway, nothing was missing, looks like the maid forgot to close the doors when she cleaned the room in the morning. Still, quite scary.

After complaining to the management about all of these issues, they said that they would issue a refund and would charge us only one night, but two hours later, when they knew we were at the airport, they charged the whole amount! We are still negotiating with to see if they will issue the refund, but the most amazing fact, is that they DENY EVERYTHING!!!! Seriously, do not go there, EVER. Unless you like to be in an awful place, with awful security, and people that lie about EVERYTHING. Good luck. Email me directly if you want ideas on where to stay, we found a few good places there.

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