St Thomas

Cafe Amici

This charming, open-air restaurant is nestled in the stone-walled passage of the beautifully refurbished 19th century warehouse now fashioned as the A.H. Riise mall. Cafe Amici serves crisp salads, bistro pizzas and sandwiches, creative pastas and the best tropical frozen drinks on St Thomas!

Whether business or pleasure, you’re sure to have a memorable dining experience with our friendly staff, breezy location and exceptional cuisine. The staff is more than friendly, their great at their job which of course we’ve all come to expect. However, what makes this a great place for someone new to town…because the staff all know the Island well…and are all to willing to offer local knowledge to help your stay on the island be more pleasurable. We’ve been back three times in 2 weeks.

ISLAND INSIDER TIP #1: Cafe Amici is owned by the same restaurant group that also owns and operates Pesce, The Cellar, and Havana Blue. All are tops on the island the eat at, but for the best tasting pizza you have ever had…Cafe Amici hands down. Between the service, the food and the atmosphere…it has to get our Editors highest rating for all categories. ORDER THE PIZZA…THAT’S THE TIP. TRUST US. ORDER THE PIZZA.

ISLAND INSIDER TIP #2: Due to its location, Cafe Amici derives 90% if not more of its business due to Cruise Ship presence. When they leave, Cafe Amici shuts down. Reason? All the shops close down when the Cruise Ships leave. Are they open when the Cruise Ships aren’t in? Yes, but ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have your order in by no later than 2:30 pm, as they Cruise Ships will be leaving soon and you can always check with the waitress when the kitchen is closing to be certain. Yes…its very much worth it. Just make sure you arrive early enough in the day to ensure you get the chance to enjoy a local tasty delight.


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