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Lindbergh Bay


Closest to the airport, yet a world away, this delightful oasis offers the added convenience of several adjacent hotels including the Island Beachcomber, Emerald Beach and Carib Beach. Bear in mind your reverie will be regularly challenged by the sounds of commercial and private planes taking off and landing at nearby Cyril E. King airport.

Three hotels and Walkers’ By The Sea share this ultra-calm shoreline. The bay is named after famed aviator Charles Lindbergh who is said to have landed his aircraft in the area on several occasions. It’s a sweet spot to walk along the water’s edge and take in the tropical sights. Snorkeling is usually disappointing at best but Carib Beach hotel offers a dive center. Friendly restaurants and bars with restroom facilities are available.

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Beaches Beaches St Thomas

Morningstar Beach

LOCATION: Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Beach Resort.

Morningstar provides everything you need for beach fun and comfort. Hire a lounge chair and umbrella for the day and sit back with a cool drink from one of the bars. If you are more adventurous, rent snorkeling gear and explore the reefs at either end of the beach. For a little more action, you can sharpen your skills on a Sunfish or learn to windsurf from a certified instructor.

This is a spot where locals-in-the-know often come and “play tourist.” Enjoy everything from a properly concocted frozen drink to the luxury of comfy rentable lounge chairs and beach umbrellas.  You have two handy beach bars and snacks from the restaurant.  The fully stocked state-of-the-art water sports center even has professional instructors on hand. Enjoy snorkeling, windsurfing and other water toys.  Get in the swim or just sit back and watch the world go by.  Ample parking and taxis are available.

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Beaches Beaches St Thomas

Secret Harbour

LOCATION: On the East End at Route 322 which branches off from Route 30 in Red Hook.

What a breathtaking spot  made all the more enjoyable by a terraced restaurant, bar and water sports rentals.  The hotel will charge for the use of a lounge chair but it is well worth it.  Snorkeling is best near the rock formations on either end of the beach.

This residential style beach is a quiet spot to soak up the sun and drink in pure tropical ambience. Condo owners and renters are eligible for the use of comfy lounge chairs. Visitors pay a small fee for the privilege, usually $5, but rates can change. Watch for the rocky bottom near the water’s edge. The lovely on-premise restaurant, Blue Moon Cafe, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the day, it caters to the swimsuit set as well as business diners. Restrooms are available and the hotel has a beach shack for water sports rentals.

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Beaches Beaches St Thomas

Brewers Bay


Near the campus of the University of the Virgin Islands, this peaceful spot livens up on the weekend and often has tasty local food available from vendors. During the week while locals are at work, it’s a great place to relax and swim in tranquil seas.

Facilities are at a bare minimum here. Keep in mind that taxis do not frequent the area either. Drivers park along the brief 2-lane roadway.

The beach is literally part of the UVI campus and the academic facility maintains the natural wonder. On weekends (and sometimes during the week in high season) vendors offer refreshments. In spite of it’s lack of amenities, a large sandy beach and usually lake-water calm seas offer a perfect spot to swim, relax and soak up the sun.

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