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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

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    This feast was introduced Roman Calendar in 1726, in commemoration of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin to St. Simon Stock, the superior general of the Carmelite Order, on July 16, 1251. She promised a special blessing for everyone who wears Scapular. Since then, the Church has solemnly and repeatedly approved this devotion, which began in England. For centuries, Christians have taken advantage of the protection promised by the blessed Virgin. The devout use of the scapular shows our trust in the Blessed Virgin’s motherly concern and ability to help us at the hour of our death.

    In our Church
    Description: The polychrome wood statue(front page) comes from Cologne ( Germany) and is 567 years old. The sculptor is unknown. The statue height is 44 inches (110 cm) and weights 63.4 lbs. It was sculpted in the 2nd half of the 15th century. The style of the sculpture is typical of the time, extremely skillfully worked.

    The Mother of God carries the Boy Jesus on her right arm. She wears the crown denoting her as Queen of Heaven. The child holds the globe playfully in his hand.

    When we look closely, we are impressed by the lovely, gentle, and humble face, seemingly distant yet so near, which makes us passive too.

    Mary’s head is framed by waves of hair that falls loosely over the shoulder of her slim figure. The folds of her splendid gown emphasize the excellence of this masterpiece in significant fashion.

    Our Lady of Mt. Carmel under consideration is well finish and in good condition. She is located in the shrine at the left entrance of the church dedicated under the patronage in the beautiful Islands of St. John

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Have just looked at your beautiful church in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and I am wondering if you have a community of Third Order Carmelites there? While awaiting your reply I will pray for those in your Parish on the prayer list you have enumerated.
God Bless you and many thanks from the Doweast coast of Maine!

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