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Gone Tropical

Gone Tropical was created in 1991 by owner Margot Meacham, as a venue to display her eclectic collection of products which she gathers from around the world. Having traveled extensively since 1978, Margot has carefully developed her product line of fine eclectic goods for the casual island lifestyle.

If you are looking for something exotic and unique, Gone Tropical is a fun and interesting place to browse. Upon entering into Gone Tropical, one is immediately transported into another world, surrounded by beautiful handmade products and colors galore. The smells of wood and natural oils and the sounds of exotic world beat music and water fountains will seduce you into a pleasant and unusual shopping experience. Inside of Gone Tropical, one can find just about anything. We specialize in solid teak furnishings, island style decorative accessories from around the globe, wonderful gifts and an amazing collection of exotic jewelry and fashion accessories. All products are handmade of mostly natural products, and artistically displayed for your shopping enjoyment.

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