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Cinnamon Bay

LOCATION: Three miles beyond downtown Cruz Bay on Route 20, North Shore Road.

Cinnamon Bay is a National Park campground with a glorious beach. Larger than Trunk Bay, Cinnamon has a full range of facilities and services for the day visitor. A concessionaire rents windsurfing equipment, kayaks and mountain bikes. The Tree Lizard Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in an upbeat, rustic setting. Across the road from the campground is the Cinnamon Bay Self-Guided Nature Trail. The loop takes about an hour to complete and passes through an old sugar-factory site. On your journey, you will see giant kapok trees as well as bay, mango and cacao trees.

A unique complex by the sea, Cinnamon attracts campers with a variety of preferences ranging from bare campsites to cabins with cots, sheets and basic comforts. Day-trippers can join the vacation atmosphere by dining in the on-premise restaurant, shopping in the general store, and walking the beach where an historic archeological dig is maintained.

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