Welcome to Yacht Vacations

Welcome to Yacht Vacations

A splash awakens you…..

Imagine waking up in a quiet cove with a palm-lined beach, floating in crystal clear water. A place where the best thing to do is to follow the others and jump in. What a way to start the day. What a great vacation.

We at Yacht Vacations welcome you to the idea of fulfilling your dreams and sailing the sunny Caribbean. Your route is an easy one. It will start with some suntan lotion, maybe an exotic drink and a cushioned deck to lay back on.

Here are some of the things that a Yachting Vacation can be….

I love it!!! So how do I do it?

A yacht vacation is relaxing…..

Take off your watch. Take a nap, read a book. Day dream with the sun on your face and the tropical breeze tickling your skin.

We have enclosed several color brochures for you to dream over. The charter yachts that we at Yacht Vacations represent come in many different sizes and configurations. After you have your group in mind, we will send you a customized package with only those yachts which meet your groups needs. Here is an example of the layouts of our yachts.

A yacht vacation is exhilarating….

The thrill of sailing with the wheel in your hands and the wind in your sails. Each anchorage offers many an array of activities. There is swimming, snorkeling, water-skiing and frolicking in the sun.

When you tell us more about your group, we can pick yachts and crews that will conform to your desires. Do you want to SCUBA dive? Are you hard core sailors or beach lovers? What is your age range? Is your group a family or longtime friends out for a good time?

A yacht vacation is adventurous…..

Take off on your wind surfer and race across the water. Don your SCUBA gear and explore the underwater world of colorful fish and coral. The Virgin Islands are world renown for their beautiful and exotic diving. Or maybe you want to jet ski or single-handedly take the laser out for an afternoon sail.

The “Toys” on each yacht will vary. We will want to know which toys are a must for your group. Some yachts specialize in diving charters, while some will do occasional diving. All charters can rendezvous dive with dive companies. We know the yachts which have water-skis, kayaks and wind surfers. So you want to spinnaker fly, ask us!

A yacht vacation is peaceful…..

Beach combing hand in hand on that long stretch of deserted white sand that you have only dreamed about before. Or just watching the sunset, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Green Flash.

We represent yachts which we personally know. The yachts are clean and well appointed. In most cases you will be accommodated in a double cabin with you own “head” and shower. Dinning in the evening may be below in a teak salon or above under the starlit night. The elegance that you will experience at dinner follow a day of casualness of bathing suits and meals served on deck.

A Yacht vacation can be fattening…..

Oh, we hated to mention this one, but can you imagine, your own chef ! A chef, whose desire each day is to serve you four and five star meals. Each meal trying to out do the one before. All of them based on any dietary request and/or requirements that you have sent ahead. Fortunately for all of us, the great food is balanced out by the many activities available each day.

The yachts that we at Yacht Vacations will send you have experienced crews on board. It will be our job to help you match up with a crew that will make sure your vacation includes every last detail to make it the best vacation you ever had. All charter yachts have a captain, most all have a chef / mate on board. Larger yachts may have more in crew, all the better to serve you.

A yacht vacation is educational…..

Learn how to sail, snorkel, wind surf and even SCUBA dive. Your crew will share their knowledge of the under water life: the fish, the coral and even an occasional sunken wreck. They will answer questions on the heritage of the different islands that you will sail by, from the days of the pirates to the people who live there now. And yes, every captain has his own cache of sea stories, if you care to hear them.

How to do it all…

So how do you get on board? 
E-mail us at info-yacht@cobex.usvi.net
or call us here at Yacht Vacations !(809) 776-1666 
We will be happy to spend the time that it will take to choose the best yacht and the best crew for you. We have been active in the yacht charter business in the Virgin Islands, and in the world for that matter, for almost twenty years.

If this is your first time to charter, we recommend the United States and British Virgin Islands. Easily accessible from the Continental U.S. you will find the sailing protected among the hundreds of small cays and islands. Anchorage’s are numerous and the selection of yachts is greatest. In the Virgin Islands your charter fee includes the yacht, your crew, all food and beverages and any toys on board the yacht.

Prices start at $150.00 a day per person. This price is all inclusive in the Virgin Islands. We, of course, can accommodate any more lavish desires that you and your group may have.

A yacht vacation, is it really for me?

Who doesn’t like tropical islands, crystal clear waters, palm-fringed beaches, sunny days and star-filled nights, trade wind breezes, gourmet cuisine, explicit service, surrounded by your family and friends and all on your own private yacht.

We at Yacht Vacations guarantee that once you try it, you will be back !!!!!