The US Virgin Islands is outside the U.S. Custom Zone. A special exemption of $1,600 for each person traveling to this U.S. Territory is allowed. Family members traveling together may combine total purchases. Many items are individually exempt.

Since the tradewinds brought the Schooner and Clipper Ships of old, St. Thomas has been a duty free port. Other Caribbean Islands have only recently endorsed the duty-free concept. As a result, Virgin Island Merchants offer lower prices and more varied product offerings. The centuries old warehouses stretch the downtown waterfront to Dronnigens Gade (Main Street). They once held Molasses, Lumber, Rum, and Spices awaiting export and Trade goods such as manufactored items, ceramics, gold, and gems brought from around the world. You won’t find much Molasses or Lumber downtown, but all the rest… and products unimaginable to Captains and Chandlers of old. The warehouses are now tastefully converted and restored to house retail stores with products and prices to satisfy the most demanding clients.