Marine Habitat and Seashore Walk

BIRDS – With binoculars, u have a good chance of seeing Blue Herons, Lesser yellowlegs Gallinules, Black Stilts anti at least oneLittle Green Heron. Even if you don’t see these birds you will hear some of them back in cool green recesses of the Mangroves.

CRABS – The tidal pools between the shoreline and the road are happy homes for Grapsis grapsis better known down island as the “Red Shenk 1 you see what appear to he crab corpses they are probably the red shed s of the ‘ Red Shenk 

SOLDIER CRABS – (Coenobita clypeata Soldier (‘rains are] more often We seen at night hut you may observe these interesting animals in shady areas during the day. Crawling along with whelk shells on their backs. Because of their characteristic tenacity and voracity respectively, soldier Crabs can be used as educational toys teachings a child or his parent how much easier it is to hang on then it is to get “hung up.” As apartment house police dogs, Soldier Crabs can be placed in a metal garbage can at might where they will recycle garbage with a bang that frightens prowlers.