The U.S Virgin Islands offer a wide variety of things to do and see. The geography of the islands does not allow a lot of walking. The topography is very hilly and most of the attractions, beaches are not within walking distances from each other. We would not recommend hitch hiking either. I U.S virgin Islands have certainly the highest ration taxi per inhabitant, everybody use them and they can transport anywhere on the islands. If you wish to drive there are many car rental agencies and for the more adventurers renting a scooter can be really fun.

On St. Thomas: The only part of St. Thomas that can be explored on foot is its capital Charlotte Amalie. All other areas will require motored transportation.Taxis will take you anywhere. Some Safari taxis even run like a shuttle service and will take you to the beach. To go back to your hotel or to town just hop into one of the many that will be waiting for you. If you wish to drive, you can rent a car. All major car rental agencies have a booth at the airport.Bus transportation is not very reliable, only commercial and high residential areas are serviced.

St. Croix is fairly large and best explored with a car. Of course taxi service is available and will take you to the most popular spots. Your best option on St. Croix is to rent a car, several car rental agencies are available.

St. John is only island that will allow a lot of walking along the 20 hiking trails in the National Park. But getting around the island still required some kind of motored transportation. If you wish to deeply explore St. John, renting a car is your best option.For those who chose to enjoy the tranquility and the privacy of a villa or a resort, the many taxi will take you to the beaches and restaurants of your choice.Exploring St John on a scooter is a good option as the traffic is not as intense as on the other islands.