Moving an Existing Corporation to the USVI

The USVI permits both the inbound and outbound redomiciliation of companies and it is the only jurisdiction under the U.S. flag to allow for both of these options. An inbound redomiciliation is when a company formed outside the USVI wants to move to the USVI and be treated as if it had been formed there. When the company moves into the USVI it can also elect to be treated as an exempt company[7] if it otherwise qualifies.

An outbound redomiciliation, by which a USVI corporation moves its domicile to another jurisdiction, is allowed, provided that the laws of the jurisdiction to which the company wishes to move permits it. The company must first prepare and file whatever documents are required by the other jurisdiction; then an affidavit is filed with the USVI as evidence that the company has continued its existence elsewhere. Then the government issues a certificate of discontinuance. A corporation which has removed its domicile from the USVI is not liable for future franchise or other taxes but it does not avoid liabilities incurred prior to its redomiciliation.

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