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The information on USVI business, taxes, tax incentives, and tax-free entities appearing on these pages was prepared by William L. Blum, Esq., a leading USVI tax and business attorney and a former counsel to the Governor of the USVI. He is also the author of several articles[14] on USVI taxes and tax planning which appear in leading tax publications. On request, Mr. Blum will provide additional free information on these subjects, including copies of articles and USVI laws and regulations. He is also available to provide assistance in business, tax, and tax planning matters involving the U.S. Virgin Islands. Mr. Blum can be reached by E-Mail at or as follows:

William L. Blum,
Esq. Of
Counsel Grunert Stout Bruch & Moore
P.O. Box 1030
St. Thomas, V.I. 00804

Phone:	(809) 774-1320 (in St. Thomas)
	(718) 802-1273 (in New York City)
Fax:	(809) 774-7839 (in St. Thomas)
	(718) 802-1760 (in New York City)

Additional information on the USVI Industrial Development Program can also be obtained directly from the USVI government as follows:

Industrial Development Commission

36C Strand Street - 2nd Floor Suite 2AB
P.O. Box 3499, Christiansted
St. Croix, V.I. 00822

Phone:	(809) 773-6499
Fax:	(809) 773-7701

Additional information on USVI taxes can also be obtained directly from the Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue as follows:

V.I.	Bureau of Internal Revenue
9601 Estate Thomas
Charlotte Amalie
St. Thomas, V.I. 00802

Phone:	(809) 774-5865
Fax:	(809) 776-4037

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