Guest Chef Todd White

Although St Thomas isn’t the final stop in the game plan Todd White has laid out for himself (this Alabama boy’s heart lies in snow country), we do hope that he hangs around for quite some time.

Presently Chef de Cuisine at Cafe Normandie in Frenchtown, this 27 year old culinary wizard has already spent 12 years in restaurant kitchens. (Another case of the bug biting early and not letting go. It’s funny. You hear of burn out in so many professions but chefs – and orchestra conductors – seem immune.) The apprenticeship road to full fledged chefdom is long and sometimes arduous – and Todd is burning rubber to get to the end of his. He’s spent time taking notes, chopping, stirring and tasting in some top restaurants along the way. Some stops have been Savannah, Georgia and that place where he left his heart – Colorado. And now, at least for a while, St Thomas.

Todd is using his time here well. Georges Johnson, owner and executive chef of Cafe Normandie, is playing mentor extraordinaire to Todd, constantly teaching, encouraging and, in general, putting the finishing touches to the education of another world class chef. And Todd, smart little cookie that he is, is absorbing it all like a sponge.

When it comes to non-cooking activities (and like most chefs Todd spends most of his time in kitchens, creating and testing if not actually working!), the beach and all the watersports you can think of head Todd’s list of how to spend that valuable leisure time. Of course, that’s while he’s here in the land of sun and fun.

Just remember that his idea of heaven is the snow-capped mountains of Colorado with their many ski trails. That’s what he really likes to do in his spare time. So, in a few years, keep your eyes open for a jazz bar & restaurant, probably in Steamboat Springs, and maybe with a name like “Todd’s.” If the chef is a tall, good-looking blonde guy, prepare yourself for one of the best meals you’ll ever eat!