Cynthia Beckett

[singlepic id=1627 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left]About the Chef

Cynthia Beckett has spent all her working life in the food industry (wait til you see her picture – you’ll think “how can anyone that young have that much experience under her belt?” It’s quality, gang, not quantity.). She studied under Jacques Despres, a three time Culinary Olympic Gold Medalist and Escoffier Medal winner (impressed?).

Cynthia moved to St Thomas in 1983 and except for a 4 year hiatus during which she worked as Head Pastry Chef at Boston’s Marriott Hotel (her hometown), she has made this island her home. Her business, Cynthia’s Decadent Desserts (the name tells the whole story), has supplied many of the island’s top hotels and restaurants with the fantastic confections that they would like everyone to believe came straight out of their ovens! She has now decided to take it just a little easier (and take time to enjoy the diversions our island has to offer) and so has channeled her energies into catering for Vacation Villa guests. (This is the ultimate luxury – your own private chef creating sumptuous repasts, satisfying every whim – but an attainable luxury!) Obviously her first love is pastry of every description but her repertoire is vast and her talent enormous. One of these days her name will be a household word – and you saw her here first!