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The Baths on Virgin GordaThe Virgin Islands are truly a cruising paradise, a necklace of high green islands surrounding the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Here more than sixty islands, rocks & cays, provide an endless variety of anchorages. Some are quiet and secluded while other offer varied opportunities from duty free shopping to dancing the night away to the tropic rhythms of a steel drum band.

And the sailing is superb! This is the land of the trade winds. Picture yourself under the warm Caribbean sun on the deck of  our proud ship. Pushed by gentle trades through warm, clear waters toward an island with a pure white sand beach fringed with coconut palms.

In the Virgin Islands there are really two worlds to explore…above and below the water.  Below lies the enchanting world of coral reef populated by an amazing array of corals and fish.  You’ll view this wonderous enivironment with snorkeling gear provided by theRoseway.  You may also see sea turtles, rock lobsters and myriad tropical fish. And it’s always a thrill to see a manta ray gracefully “flying” through the water.

Above the water is an interesting varieity of bird life. Pelicans are probably the most fun to watch as they repeatedly dive for their dinner, drain the  pouch, and lift their head to swallow. They almost never miss! Ashore you’ll see wildlife as diverse as the mongoose and iguana.  Underway the dolphins play in our bow wave as the powerful ship slices silently through the water.  Occasionally, there’s even the excitement of spotting the misty spout of a whale and her calf as they migrate north.