Welcome Aboard the Roseway

Join us aboard the Schooner Roseway, a living part of New England’s maritime history. Sturdily constructed of oak by the skilled shipwrights of the J.F. James Shipyard in Essex, Massachusetts in 1925 as a private fishing yacht, theRoseway is 137 feet of tall ship crowned with clouds of tanbark sails. In 1941 theRoseway was purchased by the Boston Pilot’s Association and spent the next thirty-two years in the  pilot service. She stood her station off Boston Harbor year-round, through the worst of Fall gales and winter storms, meeting incoming ships and placing pilots aboard.

The Roseway was the last pilot schooner active in the United States and the Boston Pilots remember her as the most seakindly vessel in the service.  In 1997,Roseway’s role as the country’s last sailing pilot schooner was honored by her designation as a National Historic Landmark, one of only 150 ships in the country so designated.

Roseway has been operating as a passenger carrying windjammer since 1975, when she was refitted  with fourteen comfortable cabins. Her large beautiful main saloon was retained for dining and socializing. Up to thirty-two guests can enjoy the thrill of sailing aboard a true tall ship, one of the finest schooners  in the Caribbean.

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