Volleyball Ace

A weekly publication of the St. Thomas-St. John Volleyball Association

1999 Power League begins

The 1999 St. Thomas-St. John Volleyball Association began its 1999 season, Sunday, January 24 before an assembly of league teams, officials and Senators.

During a brief opening ceremony, both Senators Donald “Ducks” Cole and George Goodwin, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Housing , Parks and Recreation, encouraged a greater participation in sports and youth related activities. Senator Goodwin further volunteered the assistance of members of his staff to assist the league. The Ceremonies were closed and the league started, by Senator Cole who made the official first serve – an ace to Senator Goodwin.

The league this year consists of four divisions – Advanced Female, with six teams, Advanced Male, 6 teams, Jr. Male, 5 teams and Jr. Female, 4 teams.

Unfortunately, the league began with a forfeit in the Jr. Female division. Kappa Kueens won by default when Lady Magic could not field a team for the first match of the day. The second match was taken by the Advanced Female Evian UVI Bucs who had an easy time of it against the Serenity Builders Ashro who played without a bench. Curtis Gilpen coached his ladies to a 15-1; 15-2; 15-4 victory.

In the Jr. Male Division, the match between the Jr. Strikers and Apex Construction Body Armor was very closely contested with each game of the match see-sawing back and forth. The Jr. Strikers were finally victorious 16-14; 8-15; 13-15; 16-14; 15-8. The final match of the day saw the Strikers defeating Vitelco Action.