Grandma Sandy’s

Welcome to Grandma Sandy’s famous dessert café and cookie company. Grandma Sandy’s has become synonymous with delicious gourmet desserts and whimsically decorated cookies. There’s no better place in downtown Charlotte Amalie to get your favorite cookies, choice coffee or tea, handmade truffles and braggs, and world-famous premium Ben and Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs ice creams.

Grandma Sandy’s is nestled in a secret alcove of the Historic Royal Dane Mall. The mall’s centuries-old man-made maze may confuse visitors as they search for Grandma Sandy’s; however, one need only follow one’s nose because each inhale of the aroma of fresh-baked cookies and fresh-brewed coffee will draw you closer to the creations you’ll want to savor day after day.

Excellence and superior quality are present in every bite of Grandma Sandy’s one-of-a-kind treats. We combine West Indian heritage and American ingenuity to create irresistible blends of sweet sun-ripened breadfruit, California walnuts, Missouri black walnuts and Georgia’s southern pecans. The results are pure tropical bliss!

For lunch, have one of Grandma’s Paradise Potato Heads (it’s a baked potato anyway you top it). Grandma Sandy’s is the original home for customized baked potatoes, giving you the opportunity to select from 20 meat and vegetable toppings.

To complete your meal or dessert, you can select from our gourmet Panache coffees and teas or a nice warm soothing cup of cocoa.Our mission at Grandma Sandy’s is to provide you with premium products and quality service. We have something for everyone.

Come to Grandma Sandy’s for your taste of paradise!