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  • From The Log of Northern Cross
    Sailing Vessel Northern Cross, with Chuck, Susan-Jo and Ryan Cargo aboard.
  • News Update: November 14, 1995
    Update on the Islands contributed by Cindy Larason
  • News Update: Oct. 30th
    Update on the Islands contributed by Cindy Larason
  • Recommendations by David H. Anderson
    11 year old shares his experiences by writing his own web page from start to finish
  • News Update: Oct. 26
    Update on Islands contributed by Cindy Larason
  • Cabrita and Eastwind Resorts Info
    Updates from the hoteliers themselves
  • Concerning WAPA
    Update from Marilyn Mackay of Location Virgin Islands
  • Here is a satellite photo of Marilyn.
    September 15, 1995 the day before she hit the USVI.
  • Lost to the Storm
    Fighting against Mother Nature isn’t easy… an account by 
    Matthew Yarde, aka “Black Kyat”
  • “The Six Year Itch” by Vivian Bryan
    Vivian recounts her brush with Marilyn. For those who frequent these pages, Vivian is well known as a prolific columnist who offers a wealth of island insight and delectables — served up in her own friendly style.
  • Photogallery
    Scenes following the storm
  • Sailing into a Hurricane? A Sailor’s Tale…
    From Dave Brockman of the vessel “Take Two”
  • Vacation Rental News
    From Nancy Anderson, of McLaughlin Anderson Vacations, Ltd.
  • Boat List / St. Thomas / St. John
    Information on vessels damaged, lost and ok

Islanders who weathered the passage of Hurricane Hugo commonly refer to September 17, 1989 as “the Longest Night.” For all of us, memories of Hugo’s fury and aftermath are vivid.

Now, nearly six years to the day after Hugo — on September 15, 1995 — another hurricane has torn through the islands. For residents of St. Thomas, St. John, Hassel and Water Island, Marilyn has proved to be the longest night yet.

We’re still here, and the US Virgin Islands’ aquamarinewaters are waiting. If you have plans to visit, do try to keep those plans … help us to recover!

Look to these pages for up and coming features and press releases about the storm, and the Virgin Islands’ recovery drive. We are gathering material now. Please visit often!

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