Wednesday, September 24, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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Senate Gets Some Bills Passed

The Senate passed two bills yesterday. The full Senate met again this morning to continue the session. They passed new taxes on Cigarettes and cigars. The passed the big bill to raise 33 million by selling tax liens to a private collection agency. The approved a $250,000 to build a medical clinic in Coral Bay St. John.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees at 4 PM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: 20%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Nazareth Tree Boa is Endangered

Now comes the reversal of the prior courts decision. Remember when the Nazareth Temporary Housing was being built there were law suits to stop it because of the endangered tree boa and neighborhood objections to the housing, well the third circuit court of appeals has ruled that the housing is hurting the tree boa based on dead tree boas found on the land. It remains to be seen what effect this will have.

The Village Virgin Islands Partners in Recovery has a new grant

Governor Schneider announced that the V.I. Partners in Recovery has been awarded $25,000 to develop public outreach materials on the danger of alcohol and drugs. It will also provide for substance abuse treatment services in St. Thomas St. John

US Marshals Service 208th Birthday

The US Marshal’s service has a birthday today. The Marshal’s Service was created in 1789 with the creation of the US Judiciary. The first US Marshall was Nathaniel Ramsey. The first Black US Marshall was appointed in 1877 by Rutherford B Hayes. The marshals where there when James Meredith integrated Ol Miss and they were here during Hugo and Marilyn. Other US Marshals include the original owner of this radio station – William Greer.

St. Croix Roads to Get Repaving

Governor Schneider announced yesterday that Estate Glynn will get 249,181 dollars worth of resurfacing. They are going to reconstruct the embankment and repair the road. St. Croix. Governor Schneider also approved 1.3 million dollars in contracts in the Roof replacement Program. The individual roofs range in cost from about 12,000 to 99,000 for the most complex. There are roofs going on the three big islands.

Classes to Begin

Registration is on today for the evening classes at the Raphael O. Wheatley Skills Center. You can sign up for computer skills, typing, masonry, diesel engine mechanics and more. Call 774-6277 or visit the school. Registration is from now through October 8th. Classes begin October 6th.

Grants for Teachers

Here’s another grant for science teachers. CIBA Specialty Chemicals will award $1000 to each teacher, principal in its high school science teaching awards program. All science teachers should apply. Call 703-243-7100. I have information at WSTA.

Car Auction

The Dept. of Property and Procurement is holding an auction. This auction is different. The cars are abandoned cars that have been towed off the roads where they were illegally parked and assumed to be abandoned.

Delegate Christian-Green is making Good news

The delegate is a physician and a Congresswoman. So she thinks about the health of the children. Her work is generating nationwide attention. Now the Washington Post has written about Donna Christian Green and her health forum on “Zero to Three Brain Development in Black Children.” At the Black Caucus Annual gathering.

Coming Up:

The Credit Union reports that they are going to close today and remain closed through October 1st as them move to their new location. They will reopen on October 1st at 34B-35 Norre Gade. The gang leader featured in the story the Cross and the Switchblade will be on St. Thomas for two day and hold a rally on wed and Thursday at Lionel Roberts Stadium at 7:30 PM – The concert will feature the Redeemed Brother, the Crystals, and the Tahillah Dancers. Emanuel Benjamin Oliver band boosters birthday Calendar is closing on October 3rd. So call today. 775-2000 St. Thomas East End Lions has a general meeting at 7:30 PM – at Anna’s Retreat Senior Center Wear your vest.

Champagne Chandler’s Poster is a Finalist

You can hardly miss the colorful poster of William Champagne Chandler, Mr. Universe and the Virgin Islands All time King of the Bands. And a hearty congratulations to photographer B.Thomas. The poster is now in the finals of the Poster contest of the International Festival and Event Association Pinnacle Award. Our poster beat 1,100 other entries to be in the top three. We’ll see if it wins October 15th.

Water Island Report

A business. A business! Water Island has a new business. There is a food van on the beach on Saturday. Selling food. WOW A real new industry for an island with no business. I’ll have a picture for you tomorrow.

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