Wednesday, September 17, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


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Unemployment Rate Stable in July

The Dept. of Labor announced that the unemployment rate has stabilized. July was the first month a since 1996 that the unemployment rate did not increase We’re stable at 5.8 per cent unemployed. There are actually 950 new jobs in July and 2000 new jobs so far this year. 45,270 of the Virgin Islands population has a job right now.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 82 Degrees at 8 AM Water Temp: Perfect Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: 30%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

Today’s Photo: Water Island Beach

We’ve Got New Federal Work Grants

We have a half million new Federal dollars for the Welfare to Work program under the new balanced budget act of 1997. The money is specifically to move the hardest to employ off the welfare rolls and into jobs.

Full Senate is Meeting Today

The Senate met in a full session yesterday. They passed the bill to levy a tax visitors for using ATM machines. The bill allows banks to charge two dollars on each ATM transaction by a non-resident. One dollar for the tourism revolving fund and one for the bank. They passed legislation to allow the government to withhold gross receipts tax from payments made to vendors. It doesn’t raise the tax, but changes when the government collects its taxes from the vendors. They had a rancorous exchange over teacher and Lorraine Berry shut down the session. They never got to those bills to borrow 60 million for tax refunds and 40 million for vendor bills.

Chamber of Commerce is calling for Business Boost

The joint Chambers of Commerce are hammering out a plan for our economic recovery. Among their priorities: Borrow the money to pay off tax refunds and vendor payments. The want the Industrial Development Commission revised to attract investors, and they want the Virgin Islands to send recruiters to the mainland to recruit new industry. The Chambers plan will be delivered to the Senate later this month.

Liston Davis Says Addelita Cancaryn School is OK

They had problems and they attacked them and they fixed them. Liston Davis says that Addelita Cancaryn Junior High School had some demonstrable trouble and the Department of Education has repaired the bathrooms, added the sinks, and water fountains and fixed the fence and all the rest. NO they don’t have enough money to build a gym, how about an athletic shed?


Virgin Islands Nurses Association is meeting at 4:00 PM – at the Schneider Hospital Conference Room Law Enforcement Planning Commission is hosting a video tele conference on Sept 17th about Controlling Juvenile Substance Abuse. From 12 noon to 3:00 PM – By reservation only. The deadline to apply for a seat is Tuesday Sept 16th Call Flemon J. Lewis at 774-6400 Legislature’s Committee on Planning and Environmental Protection will meet on the 17th. Topics include preservation of coral reefs, testing of bottled water and protecting the territories antiquities. Sts Peter and Paul Home School Association will meet at 5:15 at the School Cafeteria CAHS Class of 1988 will meet at the Legislature. About the 10th year reunion. The Ivanna Eudora Kean School Class of 87 at 7:00 PM – at McDonald’s in Tutu Committee on Planning and Environmental Protection will meet at 10:00 AM – at the Senate St. Thomas. Pre-retirement workshop for all government retirees at the 3rd floor of the GERS building at 8:30 AM – to 4:30 PM – Executive Meeting of the Steelworkers Union is 5:30 PM – at #142 estate Whim. Department of Education and Brown University present a Leadership Institute for State Educational Agency from 9:00 AM – to 4:00 PM – call 774-8470 before Sept 18th to reserve a place.

Coming Up Tomorrow:

The Sea View Nursing and rehabilitation Facility will honor 12 of its staff in a ceremony at 2:30. They are honoring staff who have been at the facility since it opened in 1993. Call 777-3303 to participate.

Big Thank You

Here’s some good news. The staff of AT&T is holding a Community Service Day today. The AT&T folks are out on the street today cleaning up. They are starting at the AT&T office area, then up to Pearson Gardens and they are planting flowers there and at Lucinda Millen home. That’s AT&T making good news.

Water Island Report

Oh that moon! Those Full moon shadows. At dawn; full moon setting. It diminishes It’s transparent. It’s gone. Moon night is over.

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