Tuesday, September 16, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


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Finance Approves Most of the Budget.

The Finance Committee voted up 21 of 27 bills that constitute the budget. Most passed without opposition as the differences had been worked out in the closed door sessions last week. The took 7 million out of the executive dept. Half a million out of the budget for the Territorial court and legislature’s own budget. They tossed out the plan to sell WAPA, and passed the plan to sell off old property tax bills. They voted to increase the budget for tourism advertising and approved 12 million for retro pay. They also approved a $2.50 tax on cruise ship visitors. All of that is headed to the Rules Committee.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Occasional Cloud Chance of Rain: 40%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

Full Senate is Meeting Today

The Senate is meeting in a full session today. They are debating the bill to levy a tax on the use of ATM machines by visitors. They also have amendments to the gross receipts tax, and the topic of compulsory car insurance. And the Sex offender registry bill is on the agenda.

Senator Liburd Says Medical Care on St. John is getting Better

A Big Thank You from Senator “Rocky” Liburd to Dr Poblete and the Health Dept. for the improvements at the Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center on St. John. Rocky say Dr Damiano, an ophthalmologist, is going to set up a new eye care clinic with a rotating set of visiting doctors. The new eye clinic should open in November.

$10,000 Grants for Teachers

The Shell Oil Company has a 10,000 grant for one of our science teachers. The grant is for participation in the National Science Teacher’s Association Convention for the teacher with the most positive effect on K-12 students. I have the address. (Contact Lori Winston, NSTA 1840 Wilson Blvd. Arlington VA 22201-3000 703-522-6193)

Coming Up:

Frenchman’s Reef associates who are laid off and currently working are invited to a general meeting on Thursday the 18th at 4:00 PM – in the Morningstar lobby There is an electrical problem at the Sprauve School on St. John and the school will dismiss students at 12:45. Parents of children who do not take the bus are requested to pick up their children. Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Friendship annual celebration is October 2 through October 13th. Booth reservations are being taken now Call 772-1000 before Sept 17th Law Enforcement Planning Commission will host a video teleconference tomorrow (17th) about Controlling Juvenile Substance Abuse. It starts at noon and is by reservation only. Call Flemon J. Lewis at 774-6400 Foster and Adoptive Parents are meeting and training today Sept 16th at Nana Baby Children’s Home in Tuitu at 5:30 PM – Call 775-0044

Water Island Report

My wife of 23 years has returned to Boston for medical treatment leaving me a solo Pop again. That is the only news from Waterless island today. When the island is small, small news is the only news.

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