Thursday, September 18, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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Cruise Ship Industry to Adopt Zero Discharge Policy

The FCCA made an announcement that the cruise ship industry would come into full compliance with the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships. Many lines have adopted a “zero discharge” policy which is remarkable since an average cruise ship generates 2 tons of garbage a day. Most ships are equipped with a full service waste reprocessing system which lets the cruise ship recycle 30% of the waste.

Today’s Photo: Water Island Beach

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 86 Degrees at 11 AM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: 20%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Water Testing Takes New Role

Senator Adlah Fonsie Donastorg passed a bill through his committee to provide for random tests of drinking water. The bill goes to Rules for more work.

Coast Guard Help to Montserrat

The US Coast Guard has a ship going to Montserrat with several tons of relief supplies. The ship left Puerto Rico yesterday at noon and should arrive in Montserrat this evening around 8:00 PM -. The supplies were provided by the Christian Maritime Relief Organization.

Gladys Gabriel School is Open

It’s the last school to open, but the last shall be first. The Gladys Gabriel school has received the repairs it needed to be a full service facility. The air conditioning works and the smell of fresh paint is everywhere and the basics are in place. The teachers are looking for more computers, a front gate and an accessible back yard.

Department of Public Works Work on Raphune Hill

Dept. of Public Works is upgrading the traffic signal system. Raphune Hill and Wheatley Intersection, renovate signal heads. Give the guys some room. The work will increase visibility of the signal, but not today while they are working so take extreme care there. Tonight Tyrone Martin is on Bajan Breeze at 6:30 so call in and talk with him.

You Can Make a Difference Today :

Frenchman’s Reef associates who are laid off and currently working are invited to a general meeting on at 4:00 PM – in the Morning Star lobby Three PTA meetings this evening Joseph Gomez School, Edith Williams School Julius E. Sprauve School for grades 4, 5 and 6 United Steelworkers Union has a membership meeting at 7:00 PM – at 142 Estate Whim.

Chili Cook Off Winners

A Hearty Chili Congratulations to Larry Donahue and all the crew from Finn McCool who won the chili cook off this year for the third time. This year they won by the widest margin ever. This is no popularity contest, the judges are experts in Chili. Donahue explains that the secret to perfect chili is the care of the cook. You can taste the winning cook off chili at Finn McCools in Compass Point Marina.

New Books for Baa Library

This is good news for everyone. The Friends of the Baa library have recently donated over 1000 dollars worth of new books to the Baa library. The Children’s library also got a new video tape player. Tom Bolt of the Friends said that the donation includes many of the current bestsellers as well as up to date reference books.

We have winners.

The Bluebird Summer Bike Giveaway is over and Bellows International announces the awards. Karen Oskar won at Four Winds Plaza. Kareem Camal Camings won at Pueblo Long Bay. Anita Aubain Won from Pueblo Subbase. Velma Willimas, Delbert Joseph and Sherline Williams won the bicycles on St. Croix.

Virgin Islands Business Journal has moved.

The Virgin Islands Business Journal has been growing and it grew out of its old offices. The VBI Business Journal has moved into the building in Frenchtown that used to be Avery’s Marine and now houses businesses. Mel Plaskett says the move will allow the paper to grow and develop in a better setting.

Water Island Report

Photographs of Water Island are now on the official Water Island web page. Go to

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