Saturday, September 06, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


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Hurricane Erika Should Pass us By

It’s 84 degrees this Friday afternoon. As of 8 AM Hurricane Erika. was at 18.7 North and 61.0. Moving WNW at 12 MPH with maximum sustained winds 80 MPH. The latest projected track reduces the risk that we will get hurricane conditions today. We can expect wind and rain this evening, but the worst of this storm should pass us by. The winds will come primarily from the north and then shift to the west.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Chance of Rain: 20%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

There are a number of Storm Cancellations:

The Girl Scouts retreat to Cinnamon Bay St. John has been postponed to Sept 19 and 20th. The program for the University Affiliated program set for Sunday has been postponed. The Virgin Islands Medical Board meeting scheduled for Saturday has been canceled. Caribbean Dance School has postponed classes. The West Indian Company says that the M/V Seaward will not call on St. Thomas on Saturday. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church is canceling the work shop scheduled for today. Seabourne Seaplane Adventures announces that all flights are canceled until after Hurricane Erika. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority has canceled their meeting. Assoc of Caribbean Organizations meeting has been canceled. The Red Cross says their volunteers are on “Stand By” status.

Let’s review our Storm Preparations

While the storm is passing north of us, we all need to be prepared for a storm. Remove things in your vicinity that could blow away in a high wind. Make sure your storm supplies are ready. Food, batteries, and make ice. Prepare for possible local flooding and wind driven rain. Check your generator to make sure it is in good shape. Sand bags are available from the folks at Dept. of Public Works. Fill pools and spas with water and keep covers off.

Shelters Are Open

Commissioner of Housing Ira Hobson reminds tenants to relocate to shelters by 3 PM.The Department of Education has already opened shelters this morning at CAHS, St. Croix Education Complex and Moravian Church in Coral Bay. Additional shelters will be opened during the day at Dober, Sibilly Blue Water Bible College, and 7th Day Adventest Church. On St. John there are shelters opening today at Bethany and Emmaus Moravian Churches.

Water Island Report

There is nothing as beautiful as the roiling waters of storm driven seas. This is a truly spectacular sight. Too bad a storm comes with it.

Ferry to Water Island is expected to run until the seas prevent passage.

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