Monday, September 15, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


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Today is Eddie Van Beverhoudt Day

The Newport Rhode Island New England Tennis Hall of Fame inducted Eddie Van Beverhoudt on Saturday and now he is in the eternal Hall of Fame for Tennis Stars. Van Beverhoudt won his first tournament at the age of 18. He was three time Virgin Islands Champion from 1941 through 1943. He won the New Haven Open Tennis Championship 18 times. And he holds numerous other tennis titles. Today is Eddie Van Beverhoudt Day.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 78 Degrees Water Temp: 70 Degrees Skies: Cloudy with rain Chance of Rain: 80%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

Pay All the Tax Refunds.

The Governor has sent the Senate a bill that will allow the Virgin Islands to borrow 60 million dollars to pay all tax refunds. There is also a new bill to borrow 40 million to pay off all the back vendor bills. These ideas came out of the Summit to put more cash in the local economy. Borrow now and pay off the tax refunds and vendors. It is slated to come up in tomorrow’s session.

Less Mud in St. Croix

AT&T Divers are reporting that there is a lot less drilling mud on the St. Croix Ocean bottom than originally reported. Five to six truck loads they say. 65 cubic yards. It is not trivial, but not the acres and acres of mud we feared. The clean up will be easier and more effective.

Edith Williams School – Top Scores

The Terra Nova results are in and Edith Williams scored the best territory. All due to the excellent staff and parent involvement. Oh and your PTA meeting is coming up on the 18th.

Education Seminar Coming Up.

Department of Education and Brown University present a Leadership Institute for State Educational Agency On Sept 26. The topic is Goals 2000, Legal issues in Special education and Bilingual Education. Teachers interested in the workshop should call 778-8780 to reserve a place before Sept 18th.

Night School Coming

Night classes begin tonight at CAHS. Registration continues through Thursday. You can always learn something new and night school opens a new world for the students. 09/12/97 1:21 PM

Front Page Says Hilton Sale Stale

The Daily News has the derelict Hilton on the Front page. I had to go see for myself, the old Hilton looks just like the hotel on Water Island and other former hotels on these islands. Like the ruins of Rome. and the Daily News says there are no buyers. And we have lots of them. They are assets wasting. Let’s get more creative about selling these old hotels!

Dr Christian-Green Acts on Health

This is the 27th annual meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus and our Dr. Delegate is taking the leadership role in teaching her colleagues about the gaps in the health care system. She says despite the legislation that has been passed over the years, little impact has been made in the health of African-Americans. She has co-sponsored more than 30 pieces of health legislation.

Relief for Montserrat Residents

The US INS has created two new statuses for residents of Montserrat to permit more immigration of refugees from that volcano. Kenneth Allen of the Montserrat Association announces an emergency meeting at Victor’s New Hideout on Sunday the 14th at 5:00 PM –

St. John Visitor Center Will Be Different

Good News for St. John, the National Park Service announced that they are going to redesign the proposed visitor center in Cruz Bay. They are going to downsized and redesigned and built on the site of the existing center. The Park Administration building will be located elsewhere on the island, rather than attached to the visitor center. The Park wants to be a good neighbor and the people of St. John had spoken clearly about the original proposal. 09/12/97 1:21 PM

Water Island Report

Peace and Quiet. Why do I tell you all about this slice of paradise? You’ll all want to come here. Crowds, Mobs and the noise made Water Island impossible today.

It’s your Good News! You tell us and we’ll tell everyone.