Friday, September 19, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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The Money is Pouring In

The Department of Education is getting a fabulous return from people paying back their school loans. The Daily News raised everyone’s awareness with their editorial. Now, the Department of Education says people come in to pay off in full and others have arranged payment plans. Most forgot their loans and said they did not want their name in the newspaper – as a deadbeat.

Today’s Photo: Sunset

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 88 Degrees at 11 AM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: 20%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Potholes to be fixed.

This is not just good news, it is positively excellent. The Dept. of Public Works is opening up a campaign to cure our roads of potholes called Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Resurfacing destined to cure the potholes wherever they get fixed. In other road news, the crews are back on Raphune Hill at Wheatley working on the traffic lights so please be careful in that intersection.

Emanuel Benjamin Oliver is Open after Fire

Late yesterday a fire destroyed a transformer at the E. Benjamin Oliver school. Crews from Ed Dept. and WAPA worked overnight and solved the problem. School is normal today at E. Benjamin Oliver. Meanwhile the Department of Education is reorganizing the maintenance staff into teams attached to school zones. As teams they will attack problems at the schools in an effective and efficient manner. The idea is preventive maintenance.

Port Authority Completes Lease for Seaborne

Seaborne Aviation wants to move onto the sea plane ramp in Frenchtown and the Port Authority is expediting the arrangement with a Use Agreement. The agreement will allow Seaborne to move as soon as possible, perhaps within the month. Now the lease wends its way through the process.

Delegate Christian-Green has a birthday

The Delegate is 52. Happy Birthday from all of us.

You Can Make a Difference Today :

What is in the Omnibus Tax Bill

The Senate continues to work on the budget. They don’t want to sell WAPA, so they have to find replacement revenue. The Omnibus Tax Bill includes raising the cruise ship tax to $10 and an increase in the hotel room taxes. WICO says the passenger tax would be the worst blow to the territory since Marilyn. The Senators also have invented something called a “Contributions in lieu of taxes” which sound like taxes. They are also projecting a 25 million windfall by selling delinquent land tax bills.

New Rules for the Tax Swap

You can use your tax refund check to pay your land taxes due. That is if you ever get a tax refund check. The IRB has released the rules for implementing the tax swap. If you are supposed to get a tax refund and you have land taxes due for the years before 1996, then you can use the check to pay the bill.

*Travel Club is meeting at 7:30 PM – at Elmo’s Place east of Windward Passage *Jr. Gardening and Ecology Academy is meeting today at the Wheatley Skills Center at 5:30 PM – *Lutheran Church Cruz Bay St. John has a movie tonight at 8:00 PM – Called the Cross and the Switchblade. 776-6855 *St. Thomas Lions Clubs are meeting in a joint session at Palm Count at 5:30 *St. Kitts/Nevis Benevolent Society is meeting at St. Andrews Episcopal Church Fellowship Hall at 7:30 PM – Coming Up: Saturday Book signing at Education Station, with Author Jean Esannadon who will sign her book, If I perish, I perish Saturday Paradise Social group is meeting at 7:00 PM – on Saturday Sept 20th Coast Clean up at Vessup Bay. The Jr. Gardening and Ecology Academy gathering at 7:00 AM – to begin the clean up. Refreshments. And swimming. Dept. of Labor has a job fair on Saturday from 11:00 AM – to 2:00 PM – at the Labor Building. You can get info on all the programs at Labor that can help you get a job. They can help with resume preparation. Coming Up Sunday: UVI Class of 1998 is meeting in Room T-216 at 3:00 PM –

Good News Makers

TresCom is making good news on St. Croix as they donated a copier, computer and office furniture to the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Croix. Amina Salina of the Clubs says this is high quality stuff and they are very grateful – especially for the copier.

St. Thomas had 34 complaints from customers of our jewelry stores over the past two years. That’s why Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs held a class to teach our jewelry merchants more about how to present jewels in a professional manner and how to handle complaints. Graduates will know how to handle customers better and insure their satisfaction. That’s good business for all of us. More classes coming up around Christmas time.

Water Island Report

Nothing happened. Were you really expecting something?

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