Tuesday, September 17, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Gov Says WAPA Should Research Water Sales.

The Gov signed the law. WAPA has to study selling bottle water. He turned down funding the study saying WAPA can buy its own research. He vetoed the plan to spend 6 million funding early retirement. The governor also said the law to mark the origin of meat was too vague, he vetoed that provision too.

Central HS Opens

Central HS St. Croix opened on Monday and despite a few glitches, dirty rooms and desks that needed to be moved, it generally came off without problems.

Election’s Not Over

Is the primary election over – not for republical State Chair – Oliver won the voting with 5 votes, but with 300 absentee votes to count, it isn’t over yet.

Bureau of Banking?

The senate heard lots of testamony on the bill to separate the Bureau of Banking and Insurance from the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and sent it back for rewriting. The 27th legislature can decide that one.

To get on Casino Commission – Prove Claims

Senate Rules committee approved Dwaine Ford for the Casino Commission, but the full senate held the nomination until Ford can prove that he actually has studied Economics and law as he claims.

INS New Citizens

The Immigration and Naturalization Service is naturalizing 358 new citizens this morning at the Island Center for the Performing Arts. Thats 358 new tax payers and voters too.

Good News Weather:

Looks like Standard Paradise Conditions. We have a 30% chance of showers, High around 90, Winds from Northeast at 10 to 15 knots. Seas 2-3 feet. no major storms on the horizon

You Can Make A Difference:

There is concern about the community development block grants. Why does St. Thomas get 64%, while only 34% for St. Croix and 1.5% for St. John. There are other complaints about grant distribution. Senate President Liburd called a meeting of the Committee of the Whole to hear the peoples comments on block grants. Its an appeals process. The meetings are Wednesday at 6 PM in the senate chambers St. Thomas, Thursday the 19th at the Legislative Conference, St. Croix.

Make a Difference

DPNR is responsible of historical preservation. They want your input. With a new grant of $270,000 from Dept of Interior for historic preservation. Where do you think there should be more preservation, or archeological research? What do you think they should study. The public is invited to comment in writing to the Division of Archeology and Historic Preservation Foster’s Plaza396-1 Anna’s retreat St. Thomas Virgin Islands 00802

Sore Spot Report:

Tyrone Martin says the road where the trench sank in Nazareth is getting fixed. And the potholes at Emile Griffin Ball Park parking lot – are going to get fixed too. That’s more sore spots getting fixed up.