Monday, September 30, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


We have a Sailing Winner!

Peter Holmberg’s quest to achieve the top of sailing world is a step closer. He did well in Croatia and is going to Bermuda for the final leg of the Brut Gold Cup. The top prize is within his reach. Holmberg also got a chance to show off the core sailors in his America’s Cup team at the Brut Cup while putting the Virgin Islands on the map.

The Candidates for Delegate held an debate over the weekend.

The two party candidates called Victor Frazer a do nothing congressman, failing because he isn’t a member of a party. Frazer countered with a list of accomplishments and says he can work the system in Washington. Moreover, he hasn’t embarrassed the Virgin Islands. Frazer says he kept his contract with the voters. Frazer and Green think Mapp should finish his job as Lt Government. Green had strong words against the Republican agenda. They all agreed to pursue better windstorm insurance and that the territory can’t afford to manage more federal land.

WTJX poor signal kept many from watching the debate.

The Close Up Foundation is educating our high school students in the areas of government, politics and community affairs. They were teaching Friday on St. Croix and the program comes to St. Thomas today. The Senate is continuing their regular legislative session from Friday regarding the budget. And in committee of the whole Jule Malloy will be testifying on the status of federal grant draw down funds. Sen. Vargerave Richards wants to know if the major Contractor doing Hess Oil’s reconstruction is bringing in off-island workers when the talent exists on-island. He’s called on Dept. of Labor to investigate.

A new book is out that is important for us.

It’s called the Hurricane Survival Guide for Mariners and it is now available in Dockside book shop, Marine Warehouse, and Independent Boatyard.

Good News Weather:

Looks like Standard Paradise Conditions, clear, sunny, A chance of afternoon rain showers. High around 85-90 Winds North East at 10 to 12 mph. We have no major storms on the horizon

You can make a difference at:

  • Congressman Victor Frazer’s seminar on how to get Federal Surplus Property. That’s at 8:00 AM Tuesday on in the Senate Conference room St. Thomas. 
  • Today is the last day to apply to participate in the November Food Fair. If you have grown an extraordinary piece of produce – – the largest, longest, heaviest pumpkin or squash or whatever. Call Agriculture and get in the contest. 
  • Dept. of Public Works is holding public meeting to discuss the pedestrian and vehicular improvements at the major intersections in St. John. That’s at the Boulon Center Dept. The public is invited to come with ideas.

Finally This:

A special greeting to two passengers here today on a cruise ship. Nina and Lucy are sisters and as little girls they wanted to see the world. But their lives, husbands and children kept them from taking a cruise to anywhere. Still they had a dream of going to a special place together someday. Remember Discount Travel had those good deals on September cruises? Well Nina and Lucy are on the cruise they’ve dreamed of. It just had to wait – – 70 years. Welcome to St. Thomas ladies. Enjoy paradise.