Monday, September 16, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Does Banking Get a Cabinet Post? Senate Decides Today

The Legislature will be meeting at 10 AM in Senate Chambers St. Thomas to consider the bill to form a separate Bureau of Banking and Insurance outside thte office of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. The Senate will hear testamony from the Lt Gov, and representatives of the banking and insurance community. They also have two appointemnts to consider and a bill on Bingo.

The Water is Safe

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources has completed water testing in St. Thomas St. John and all recreational waters are declared safe except for John Brewer Bay which will get more testing today.

Economic Studies Grant

The Dept. of Tourism has a new $200,000 grant to perfom a number of economic studies including an econometric input/output model of the whole territory’s economy . They are also doing a tax policy simulation, a survey of visitors and they will be linking the departments computers to the Internet.

On to November

The Candidates have shifted their focus on Noverber’s general election. Saturday’s primary winnowed the fields of party candidates. Even though the party fields were narrowed down, there are 16 independents running for the senate in addition to the 7 candidates from the two parties.

Paraprofessionals Help

AFT Paraprofessionals got a boost as Marcia Milligan congratulated all paraprofessionals for their diligence and committment to working to make the schools operational despite the set back of Hurricane Hortense.

Good News Weather:

Looks like beautiful sun shine today the weather calls for a 60% chance of showers, high 85-90 winds out of the east at 10-15 knots. We have no major storms on the horizon

Special Event:

Public Hearings on the Proposed Casino rules will be happening Tuesday at 9:30 and on Wednesday too.

On the Sore Spot Report

Saturday was the International Coastal Clean up Day and the kids of the Lutheran Church of the reformation 4H Club cleaned up Coki Point. That’s a sore spot that got fixed by the hard working kids. Thanks you for doing that clean up.

Finally This:

The Chili Cookoff was a big hit yesterday. Top Chili cook was Carl Sittack the mailman, and the Number 2 Chili was Lawrence Drinkwine’s Hot stuff. 3000 folks turned up at the charity benefit.

Election Results

  • Congressional Delegate Race: 
    • Republican: Kenneth Mapp (R), 350 
    • Hernando Ike Williams (R) , 165 
    • Total, 515 
  • Congressional Delegate Race: 
    • Democrat Donna Christina-Green (D), 4270 
    • Olaf Hendricks (D), 3504 
    • Total, 7774 
  • Senate Race St. Croix: 
    • Democrat Vargrave Richards, 2470 
    • David Jones, 2432 
    • Luz James, 2250 
    • Carol Burke, 1938 
    • Rupert Ross, 1756 
    • Mary Ann Pickard, 1681 
    • Winfield James, 1590
    • Charles Standcliffe, 471
    • John Barnes, 411 
  • Senate race St. Thomas St. John: 
    • Democrat Lorraine Berry, 3249 
    • Arturo Wattlington, 2903 
    • Judy Gomez, 2749 
    • “Cain” Magras, 2466 
    • George Goodwin, 2364 
    • Bingley Richardson, 2200 
    • Wayne Sprauve, 1624 
    • Elmo Adams, 1429 
    • Albert Callwood, 835 
    • Clarence Gumbs, 477 
  • National Committee Woman: 
    • Clarice Bake, 638
    • Marise James, 2042 
  • State Chair: 
    • Marilyn Stapleton, 2280 
    • James O’Brien, 2187 
    • Cecil Benjamin, 1841 
  • National Committee Man: 
    • Holland Redfield, 417 
    • Alson Brewster, 56