Friday, September 13, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Lockhart School will open next week.

The modular classrooms at Lockhart school are ready for school. Faculty and staff of Lockhart school should report on Monday. Kids, school begins on Wednesday at 7:45 AM Also in education, Liston Davis met with his staff yesterday to review all operations and brainstorm solutions to current problems. They reviewed the teacher shortage.

Water Island Now in the Territory

Governor Schneider signed the first of three agreements regarding the transfer of Water Island to the Territorial government. Dept of Interior will spend 3.3 million dollars to demolish the derelict hotel and water catchment. The Governor said the territory will rebuild the ferry dock, and remove storm and demolition debris. Water Island is now part of the Territorial government.

Casino Control Commission Complete

The last of the casino commissioners is in place. The Rules committee approved Dwain Ford of St. Croix. Ford said he would turn in his real estate license and shut down his real estate agency to assuage concerns about possible conflicts of interest.

Welfare reform

The new welfare reform bill will effect 23,000 Virgin Islands residents who receive food stamps and 6,000 who receive welfare. The new law will also change the rules of legal aliens. They can’t get social security benefits or food stamps.

Water in the Gas?

Dept of Consumer Affiars reminds all gasoline vendors to check for water contamination. After the last storm, some gas tanks may have gotten some water.

Rebate to End

The Energy Office is ending its rebate program for energy efficiency lights and appliances. You have until Sept 30 to purchase energy efficient lighting and get the rebate.

Good News Weather:

Looks like Standard Paradise Conditions, clear, sunny, A chance of afternoon rain showers. High around 85-90 Winds South East at 10 to 12 mph. We have no major storms on the horizon


  • We from Upstreet meeting at 5:30 at Cultural Heritage Institute ( CAHS Class of 62 meeting is postponed to Sept 20th.
  • CAHS Class of 81 meet today at 6 PM at room 194B CAHS
  • Graffiti Street has auditions at 3:30 PM at CAHS Art Room
  • Episcopal Church Women of the Cathedral Church of All Saints are holding their event on Sunday at 4 PM at CAHS auditorium with Champaign Chandler, Louis Ible Jr. And others

On the Sore Spot Report:

There are a lot of big ugly trucks on Mariendahl Hill and Bobbby is the owner. Bobby, can’t you move those Mack trucks off of Government Road. Please?

Finally This:

Friday the 13th falls on a Friday this month. Is it a lucky day or unlucky? At the Lucky 13, every day is a lucky day. Go make some good news today and create your own good luck