Wednesday, October 09, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


No Welfare Waivers are Needed

Human Services Commissioner Catherine Mills advises the public that there is no need to seek waivers from the Welfare Reform Law. Despite the action in the senate to seek a waiver, the Commissioner says we haven’t missed any deadlines. We have to develop our reform plan and the publics input is requested but we don’t need a waiver from the law.

Marine Lab Back on Track

The marine Lab on St. Croix is back on track. The Senate Finance Committee approved a lease agreement for 25 years that includes a committment to hire local staff, improve the site and award six scholarships for Virgin Islands students. The committee also approved utility vehicle purchases for the National Guard, and St. John administrator

Drop Out Prevention Act – Dropped.

The Governor vetoed the Drop Out Prevention Act. He approves of drop out prevention, but he says the new law has no funds to implement the program and it will harm other programs already in place. The Governor also objected to the labeling people as potential drop outs. He said revise the bill and send it up again.

St. John School Update

The Committee on Education met last evening at the Boulon Center. Liston Davis told the committee that the state of the schools is not as bad as some had described them. Testifiers raised concerens with bi-lingual education and the supply of substitute teachers. They need a bigger pool of substitute teachers on St. John.

Government Bills Hearing

Senator Bryan’s committee is meeting this evening for hearings on government payments to vendors at 6 this evening at Legislative Conference room Frederikstead.

Good News Weather:

50% chance of rain through 11 o’clock thundershowerrs could be heavy at times. Chance of rain should diminish through the day High:90 Winds East at 10 to 15 knots Tonight 60% chance of rain low around 78 wind east at 10 knots. We have no major storms on the horizon

On the sore spot report:

Our sore spot hot line had a caller yesterday She says on Monday a car on Skyline drive was littering from the back window, a lot of litter. Come on License T-12002 Please stop littering.

Miss Virgin Islands Pageant

Charlotte Amalie Lions Club is looking for young ladies ages 18 to 25 who want to run in the Miss Virgin Islands Pageant. Call Denise Green 776-4038

Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Friendship Festivities

Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Friendship festivities begin tomorrow in Fredreksted at festival village. They are going to do a group Macarena with everyone included.

New Baby Report.

Allison Grace Pitzl is the newborn daughter of Cindy Larason and Stephen Pitzl. They met on the Intenet. The baby is the youngest person on St. Thomas with a World Wide Web page. Welcome aboard Allison… Tell us when your baby is born. Its good news. You tell us we’ll tell everyone