Wednesday, October 02, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Candidates Debate tonight, With the sound.

Did you miss the debate between the candidates for Delegate to Congress? Even if you saw it you missed hearing it. Well, WTJX says they are going to rebroadcast the debate tonight on Channel 12 at 9 PM right after Addie’s Fact to Face at 8 PM. Face to Face is live and will take calls. The debate is a repeat with the sound fixed.

St. John can relax. No traffic light is coming. The Governor said Dept. of Public Works can find other means to solve the problems at these intersection. The Dickinson Family Trust took back Jack’s and Issac’s Bays at yesterday’s auction on St. Croix. For 3.9 million dollars the developer is out and the trust says it plans to turn the property over to the Nature Conservance as he next step in creating a large park.

Our own Carnival King William Champaign Chandler will be representing the Territory in the 1996 Mr. USA Competition in Los Angeles this weekend. The Casting of Lots for positions on the November Ballot has been rescheduled. It will take place on Oct 7th at noon not Oct 11th. That’s the casting of lots on will take place on October 11th at 12 noon. All candidates are reminded to be present.

This is for residents of Estate Thomas, Pearson Gardens and Harris Court. Dept. of Public Works will be doing major repairs on the salt water system, so you will not have salt water from noon today until tomorrow evening. Back by popular demand, the Virgin Islands Native recipe book is back at the UVI book store. It costs $7.75 wjile supplies last.

Good News Weather:

Mostly cloudy, some showers today. High around 90 Winds North East at 15 knots and gusty. There’s a new hurricane – off the west coast of mexico We have no major storms on the horizon

Special Events:

St. Thomas east lions are meeting tonight at 7 PM usual place.

On the sore spot report:

WAPA please fix the light on Bottom Road in Donoe that’s been out since Marilyn. Hey Wapa how come Vitelco and Dept. of Public Works fix their sore spots so fast and these street lights never seem to get fixed.

Finally This:

Now that a new issue of Island Trader is out, it is safe to tell you that there was a story in the Sept 25 issue of Island Trader with all the secrets of the Good News guy. Don’t read that story, in the Sept 25 issue of Island Trader. Now that it is gone you’ll have to hunt to find a copy. That’s my good news.