Tuesday, October 22, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Harborview Is Open and what a Difference

The Harborview is back and what a difference. It has been transformed from a ramshakle building hosting less than ideal neighbors, to a top-of-the-line restaurant and guest house. The new facility can host meetings up to 200 people. That’s at the New Harborview.

Candidate Takes to the Road

Here’s a political candidate with a new idea. Candidate Wayne Sprauve is giving away his video, not only that, he’s doing it at the foot of Raphune Hill this morning from 7 to 9. He says 5000 copies of his 6 minute video will explain his ideas for the senate. You’ll see him on other roads each morning this week.

Kayak Tour of Mangrove Lagoon

Here’s another new idea. Virgin Islands Eco-tours is a new company offering two and a half hour kayak tours through mangrove lagoon on the east end of St. Thomas. This is the first nature oriented tour on St. Thomas. The owners say they want to take local students to see the lagoon too. Virgin Islands Ecotours is at 779-2155

Frenchman’s Reef Gets Ready

Frenchman’s Reef is sprucing up. They fended off three storm and Nick Pourzal refused to close and break up his top notch team. Now they are repairing damaged structures and fixing all the landscaping. Nick says they are looking forward to a busy season. And Renaissance Grand is holding their grand opening this Saturday. Proceeds from the event to benefit the Dept. of Education.

Cruise Ship Conference Coming

The Florida Caribbean Cruise Ship Association is coming to Frenchman’s Reef tomorrow for three days. Every business that is related to the Cruise Business is going to be there. They are holding a panel on sourcing goods and services and another on shore side tours.

United Way Helps Lutheran Social Service

Our United Way made a grant to the Lutheran Social Services Hurricane disaster response program on St. Thomas Chris Finch of the Lutheran Social Services said the funds would be used to help low income homeowners repair their homes.

Good News Weather:

Mostly Clear, 30% chance of showers. Today’s high around 90 East wind at 10 MPH. There are no major storms.

On the sore spot report:

Remember there used to be a trash container on the roadside at Nord Side? Well Some people still think there is one there and theya re throwing their trash where the container used to be. Can we get that cleaned up.

October is domestic Violence month.

October is domestic Violence month. On Thursday The Women’s Resource Center is hosting a demonstration called Taking Back the Night. The Candlelight march begins at Emancipation Garden at 5:30PM There is no excuse for domestic violence.

Finally This:

Liston Davis says we have teachers doing innovative things. He points to The Eulalie Rivera where the upper grade boys gathered to hear Usie Richards share his experience with the Million Man March. Richards said it is easier to hit than hug and gave the boys a lesson in hugging instead of hitting. He says the feeling of unity is a powerful experience.