Tuesday, October 01, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Senate Pulled an All Nighter

The Senators worked right through the night. They even stopped the clock so they could pretend it wasn’t October 1st and keep working on the budget. They passed most of the budget except the sections that fund the legislatures and the executive branch. President Liburd insisted there be no rancor and forbid the yelling matches that marked the last sessions. They will be back at it on Wednesday.

Berthe C. Boschulte School is going to open this week. 7th graders should report to school on Thursday. 8th graders schools open on Friday. On Monday everyone is in school.

Peace Corp School is still on hold.

They are pleased to be at work. They were dancing to celebrate going to work. Everyone said they were pleased to go to work. That was the reaction to the rebirth of Rennassance Grand Beach resort where the employees said it was great to get back to work. Oh, and the first ten visitors were there too.

Caneel Bay is set to reopen on November 1 with the Ritz opening December 8th.

In other work news, the US minimum wage is in effect here and everyone who earns the minimum wage is getting a raise of 10 cents per hour beginnning Oct 1, 1996. That’s today.

Jack and Issac Bays are on the block at an auction today in St. Croix. The Nature Conservancy issued a statement calling the bays a pristine area, with few signs of human impact and one of the few places where a wilderness vista is still possible. They call for the new owners to preserve it as is.

A federal highway project will start to resurface the road from Havensight to the Frenchman’s Reef turnoff beginning tomorrow. There will be lane restrictions and flagmen, but avoid Havensight road through December 9th.

Do they need a traffic light on ST. JOHN. At the Boulon Center last night the residents begged, pleaded, and argued against putting the first light on the island. DPOW said they had planned 4 lights but dropped back to only one, saying the intersection at Boulon Center Road needs some better control.

Good News Weather:

Standard Paradise Conditions, clear, sunny, 30% chance of showers. High around 90 Winds North East at 10 12 knots. More snow in Wyoming. Heh, heh, heh. And no major storms on the horizon

You Can Make a Difference:

Dept. Housing Parks and Recreation reminds you that the after school program will teach your kids how to swim. Call 774-0255 and talk to Bunni Brothers about the after school program.

Finally This:

You may not have noticed, but today is J. Bennett Johnston Day in the US Virgin Islands. Johnston is being honored by the Governor for being an advocate of the Virgin Islands in the US Congress. Johnston is retiring this year and the Governor went to DC to pay his respects.