Thursday, October 31, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Senate Passed Retro Pay Plan – Vote Gambit Say Candidates

The senate passed the 27 million contribution to retro pay. OMB and the Director of Internal Revenue say the money is not a windfall, it is not new money and must come out of other areas. That means payless paydays, the income tax refunds will stop and vendors will not get paid. Some senate candidates called the vote an obvious election eve ploy. Vinnie Mohannani says the Senators didn’t do their addition the rest of the pay will take decades at the rate this is going. Others say the plan will backfire. There are more people waiting for tax refunds and vendor payments than there are workers who will get a piece of retro pay.

Seven Ships, Caneel Bay Open – The Economy is taking off.

We have seven ships in St. Thomas Today with a 10,856 passengers. That’s like adding 10% to our population for the day. Caneel Bay resort is back open and all signs indicate we should have roaring season this year.

Tax Deal Lost

On the front page of the Virgin Islands Business is a story says we have lost our most valuable tax incentive to attract US corporations. The Small Business Job Protection Act means US Corporations will lose any federal income tax benefits for investing in the Virgin Islands. The Pacific territories got a better deal in the new law than we got.

Governor Calls for Development Bank Law Change

The Governor asked the legislature to make some technical changes to the Development Bank law to protect the Banks that will capitalize the Development Bank to get it going. He wants the bank up and running in November.

Call Him with trouble

Dept. of Public Works announced that they have installed a computerized complaint system. Don Roebuck is taking calls for road repair, garbage pick up or to report other problems. Call him at 773-1290 ex 224 Don’t call us call him.

Mock Election

The teachers union held a mock election. Frazer and Green tied for the delegate job. But only one senate incumbents was were re-elected. The senate winners would be Frett, Sekou, Chinnery, Sprauve, Magras and Adams. The only incumbent returned to office is Lorraine Berry. At the Ivanna Eudora Kean School Mock Election, It was Mapp followed by Frazer. And in the senate, Fonsie took the most votes, followed by White, Gomez, Petrus, Potter, Berry and Sekou

Coming Up:

  • There is a class coming up on basic seamanship. The class will meet every Monday and Thursday throughout the month of November registration tonight at the Coast Guard Building on the Waterfront.
  • East End Lions are looking for young ladies ages 13 to 17 to vie for the Miss Valentine Sweetheart Title. Call 774-2497

Finally this:

The Virgin Islands has been selected to receive grants from FEMA in the amount of 140,000 to support emergency shelters and emergency food programs. Private voluntary organizations may apply for funds at the United Way office in St. Thomas or at Lutheran Social Services on St. Croix.