Thursday, October 10, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Quest Conference a Succcess

Our teachers came to Frenchman’s Reef to participate in the the American Federation of Teachers conference. One message was “Get out of the book and into the world” Another was to listen to the kids and get into their lives. AFT president Glen Smith said it is important to be committed to the kids. And raise the standards of excellence in our schools.

Teaching Grants

And Teachers, There are thousands of dollars in grants to encourage better education. The Dept of Education has a list of awards and grants that are available for innovative teaching.

Hess Hires Locally

The big project at Hess is going to advertise locally for more of their jobs. Sen David Jones led an effort to get Brown and Root to hire more local skilled people. Brown & Root said they will hire locally as much as they can. It is dangerous work and everyone must pass stringent special safety and agility tests.

Holmberg Moves Up

Peter Holmberg’s sailing team moved into the finals in the last round of the Brut Cup in Bermuda. He won without a loss. That’s pretty good.

It is influenza season

It is influenza season. Dr Poblete advises you to get shots if you are in the high risk categories, 65 or more senior, people with pre-existing conditions like hypertension, lung disease or metabolic diseases.

Today is Three Days

Today is a busy day. It is Turn Off The Violence Day so turn off violent TV. It is also National Depression Screening day and it is National Metric Day. Does it get you depressed or violent to think in metric I’ll be back to see if I can do the weather in metric right after this:

Good News Weather:

50% chance of rain this morning, diminishing as the day goes by. High between 16 and 20 Celcius that’s 85-90 degrees Farenheight. Wind east at 24 kilometers per hour which is about 15 mph.. Even in metric, we have no major storms on the horizon

New Doctors on St. Thomas

Put your eye glasses on to hear this better. We have two new eye doctors coming to St. Thomas. Dr’s Michael and Susan Madison, husband and wife eye doctors are going to set up shop and bring us the latest in eye examination technology. We’ll give you the grand opening date when their offices are ready.

New Books on Our Language

Remember a few months back I told you about a new book – The Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage. Well it is finally available. What a book, chock full of the terms and words in use right here. This bok is the first effort in 400 years to provide an authentic record of current English in 18 territories of the Caribbean. It’s at Dockside Bookshop in Havensight.

Prevent a Fire – Open House

It is fire Prevention Week and The Fire Service is throwing an open house on Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM at the headquarters downtown.

Miss Virgin Islands

Charlotte Amalie Lions Club is looking for young ladies ages 18 to 25 who want to run in the Miss Virgin Islands Pageant. Call Denise Green 776-4038