Friday, October 18, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Today is Eulalie Rivera Day in the Virgin Islands

Today is Eulalie (you la lee) Rivera Day in the US Virgin Islands. The Gov. calls upon all people to join in thanking Eulalie Rivera for her outstanding and dedicated service to the Community.

Hello, Hello, Is this phone working?

If your phone is working, that’s good news. Many phones are not working. Union workers aren’t repairing the lines and there are reports of vandalism. The good news – A mediator is coming to mediate the dispute between VITELCO and the union.

Red Ribbon Week

Liston Davis thanked the Governor for making next week the red ribbon week to raise public awareness about drugs. Wearing a red ribbon next week to show your concern with drug abuse. Or call Joyce Thomas at 775-2250

Hold St. John Hearings on St. John!

150 St. Johnians petitioned the Industrial Development Corp. asking the IDC to hold hearings about a proposed Cruz Bay hotel on St. John. The commission will decide whether to hold additional hearings on St. John.

Buy Fences not repairs…

Senator Bellardo De O’Neal wants to know why the governor vetoed funds to secure the Evelyn Williams and Elena Christian schools with cement fences. There’s been more burglary and the fences stop these crimes.

FEMA Allocations for Shelter

FEMA announced their allocations for emergency shelter, their most efficient program. The Virgin Islands will get 140,000 which is about the same as they spend in states like New Hampshire, and Vermont and Wyoming.

Starfest 3

Starfest 3 is coming up and The Reichhold Center for the Performing Arts is calling all songwriters to audition for the Show. Put the song on tape or print a copy and send it to Starfest3 at the Reichhold Center Deadline is November 18th. If you have a song, lets hear from you.

Ann E. Abramson Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Ann E. Abramson Day to honor Abramson for 50 years of service to the community. Her responsibilities include all our roads, piers, wastewater systems, parking lots, solid waste sites, maintenance of government buildings and the operation of the mass transit system.

Road repairs St. Croix

Dept. of Public Works announced a major program to repair, patch and clean up the roads on St. Croix. They are also cleaning up 225 miles of overgrown guts to prevent flooding. Grass cleaning and debris removal is continuing.

Good News Weather:

Looks like Standard Paradise Conditions, Mostly Clear, 30% chance of rainbows. Today’s high around 90 Winds East at 15 mph. There are no major storms.

Water Outage

WAPA has a water outage scheduled for Saturday along Veterans Drive from One Stop to Percy’s Bus stop from 9 AM to 5 in the evening.

On the sore spot report:

Dept. of Public Works asked the owner of the lot across from Ramada Inn in Havensight to clean up. Same for the empty lot across from the Frenchtown post office. Two sore spot getting cleaned up.

Internet Seminar for YOU!

Finally this: The new technology of the internet is the most important innovation in decades. It is particularly important for people who live on islands where information is expensive. The Internet levels the playing field and gives us as much access to the global economy as anyone, anywhere. Monday is a holiday, local Hurricane Thanksgiving Day. Take time to invest in yourself. Join me at a seminar at Frenchman’s Reef all about the Internet. You can call 776-4800 for more information. The Internet will change the way everyone does business and the changes are favorable for people who live on an island. Like us.