Wednesday, November 27, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Governor Says – We’ll have a Stable Economy

In his address to the people last night, the Governor promised a stable economy
with no cuts in essential services, no tax increases, no payless pay days and no
major change in the government personnel. The Governor pointed to the debts of
the past, and Hurricane Marilyn as critical factors in our current financial
mess. He also pointed to a dozen big capital projects that will pump additional
resources into the economy. 4 millin for the Mollasses Pier, 20 million to bury
utility cables, 18 million in highway work, 30 million for new roofs and 12
million for wastewater projects, they’ll all add to the economy.

Food Stamp Rules Change – Again

Human Services announced that we have a brief respite from one of the new food
stamp rules. The new rules require Human services to remove all non-citizens
from the food stamp recipients list. This rule has been set back until April of
1997 allowing all resident aliens to keep getting stamps until April. The work
rules have not changed. All able bodied food stamp recipients must work 20 hours
per week.

Censure of Sen. Bryan is Legal

The court said that the legislature acted correctly in censuring Senator Bryan.
The censure stands and the senate can go back to business – without Bryan – at
least until the next session begins. Senate President Liburd recounted the
smashed camera scene in court and said the senate had disciplined Bryan for his
action. The court says the senate is in charge of discipline of its members, not
the court.

Senate Plan Revelaed Today

The senate is expected to announce its plan for organization today at 10 AM you
see it hear on WSTA at 10 AM

New Literary Magazine

Ivanna Eudora Kean School has announced the first edition of the student
literary magazine called Windows. At a ceremony yesterday at the school
library, the contributors read their selections. Copies of the new literary
journal can be obtained by calling 775-6380

On the sore spot report:

Uh Oh, the Sore Spot Report is back., This time our sore spot caller says that
route 404 is still blocked due to the landslide in last weeks rain storm.
Moreover, the roadside is a sore spot with overgrown brush along the road side.
Can Public Works get a crew on Route 404 Please.

On the Calendar:

Zone A Command officers invite the public to the 7th community meeting in the
roll call room at 6:30 PM UVI Cooperative Extension is offering a class
today on the application of pesticides from 9:30AM to noon and again from 1:00
PM to 3:30 PM WTJX is presenting National Geographic’s Inside the White
House at 9:00 PM


The Governor’s Home Protection Roof Program is looking for quality control
engineers, an administrative secretary and an accountant administrator. Please
call 513-1405. And ask for Mr. John Gwyn

Expo Coming

Small Business on the Move has their annual Business Expo this weekend at Lime
Tree Beach resort. There will be exhibits on car detailing, wedding cake
competition, Bridal Fashion Show, Home security and health care products.
Barney is coming on Saturday and Santa Pringle is there on Sunday. It is this
weekend at Lime Tree Beach resort. Call 775-7484

Makimba Gets His Tools!

I told you about Makimba, the man who takes care of Mandela Circle, Remember, he
needed rakes and shovels to keep doing contributing his time to the community.
Well there’s good news. Lloyd at M&M electric says he will take care of
Makimba’s tools. Whatever he needs to do the work he will get. Thank you M&M
Electric, you’re making good news.