Tuesday, November 19, 1996

US Virgin Islands

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We’re getting some Extra Cruise Ships, We’ll Take ‘Em

Heavy weather in the western Caribbean is bringing the Virgin Islands some extra ships. The Century and the Norwegian Crown are at West Indian Company Dock. And we get another extra cruise ship tomorrow when the Dreamward will call in St. Thomas. The Sensation is going to St. Croix instead of St. Thomas this week.

Governor on Education

It is Education Week. Yesterday, the Governor went to Edith William’s School and went classroom by classroom to see them all. The kids asked for his advice, and the Governor said, “By staying in school and learning you prepare a more secure future for yourself.” He went to the Antilles school to raise their new Blue Ribbon of Excellence flag.

Also from the Governor

The Governor visited Peterborg to look at the controversial construction site. He wanted to get a first hand look at the potential damage to Megan’s Bay to help guide his decisions. The Governor has also reduced the size of the security police details attached to the Governor and Lt. Governor. The extra officers are being reassigned back to normal police duties which means more police on the streets.

New Water Hauler Rules

There are new rules at WAPA for Water Hauler’s. To buy water, now they have to show a business license and a WAPA customer identification number. The new ID numbers are free, and they help WAPA monitor the water hauling business. Paying for water in advance will continue.

Surf’s Up!

Speaking of Water, have you seen the surf. There is a low pressure zone from Greenland to the Caribbean and it is making 18 to 24 foot seas in the north Atlantic while the north shore of St. Thomas gets 8 to 12 foot waves. Even on the south shore we are getting large swells.

Run Off Election Today

The run off election for delegate to congress is today. The polls will be open until 7 PM. We will bring you election results beginning at 7:30 PM from the WSTA news room. Your vote counts. There’s an election contest in Pennsylvania that was decided by 10 votes. See, Your vote really does count.

Credit Card Seminar Today

American Express is holding a seminar today on how to prevent fraud with travelers checks and credit cards. The seminar is today from 2 to 4 PM and again from 6 to 8 PM at Bluebeard’s Castle. This is a class for your front desk clerk, cashiers, waitstaff, salespeople and managers. Call 774-1855. Refreshments will be served and there are prizes. That’s about preventing credit card fraud.

Arts Alive

Arts Alive has a special music concert tomorrow, with Corky Siegel Chamber Blues. They play a mix of classical music and blues with a heritage that includes Sejii Ozawa to Ramsey Lewis. That’s tomorrow at Arts Alive in Tillett Garden. Call 775-1929 This is the 50th anniversary Arts Alive and they’re going for the gold. Festivities crescendo from November 29th to Dec 1st. This year they are going to pay tribute to some of the people who have made the far a tradition in the community. And they still have room for more artists.

New USO Head

The USO has a new director, and Sandra Lee is taking over the organization and just in time, the Navy is coming and Lee will be on hand each day at USO headquarters on the water front. She says she needs more volunteers, support, donations, and helpers particularly this Friday and Saturday. That’s Sandra Lee’s Good news.

We have a new Delegate to Congress

Dr Donna Christian Green will represent the US Virgin Islands in Congress

Good News Headlines Run-Off Election Extra from WSTA Radio 1340 AM and FM.

Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas November 19, 1996 – The Virgin Islands had a special run off election today to select the Delegate to the US Congress. Our delegate to Congress is now, Dr Donna Christian Green with a margin of more than 747 votes. The total vote count was 24,155 with all precincts reporting. With more than 800 absentee ballots yet to be counted, they can not change the results.

In the general election three candidates vied for the post of delegate to Congress. The Incumbent Victor Frazer ran as an independent against a formidable challenge from Lt. Governor Kenneth Mapp a Republican and Dr Donna Christian Green the democratic Party Chair from St. Croix.. In that election, Mapp was eliminated from the contest and today’s election was the run off between Congressman Victor Frazer and Dr Donna Christian Green.

Each of the remaining two had fared well in their own districts, Frazer carring St. Thomas while Dr Donna Christian Green was very strong in St. Croix.

During the two weeks of run off campaigning they each focused on the others stronghold.

Despite scattered showers on St. Thomas most of election day and a very light turnout, 12,937 St. Thomas voters turned out to vote in this run-off election. St. Croix had sunny weather all day and there the turnout was 11,218. Dr Donna Christian Green will go to the US Congress to represent the US Virgin Islands.