Thursday, November 21, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


7 Inches of Rain, Then the Rain Gauge Broke

The airport weather tower reported 6.85 inches of rain, then the rain gauge broke. From Mountain top there is a report of 7.5 inches of rain so far this morning. The morning rain has brought heavy flooding that has closed the schools in St. Thomas St. John today. There is a trough of showers and thunderstorms passing over us and we have a flash flood advisory. The weather service has advised that we will get another round of rain this afternoon. Please stay off the roads until the flooding subsides.

WAPA reports power out on the east end of St. Thomas and on St. John. The showers are expected to return this afternoon. All government offices are closed and all emergency personnel are on red alert. UVI is closed today. US Immigration and the National Park are closed. All day care and schools are closed. The Airport is open, but they are asking travelers to wait until the water subsides. Tutu mall is closed til 2 PM, All Senior Citizen Programs are on hold today due to the rain.

This is not Tropical storm Marko. Marko is nearly stationary below Jamaica. Our rain is not from Tropical Storm Marko. TS Marko is not currently expected to come here at all.

Governor signs Development Bank Law

The Governor signed into law changes to the Government Development Bank. He killed two amendments, one that would extend tax amnesty and another that would re-zone Bovoni and Nadir. He has called for a new tax; a commuter incentive tax to replace the gross receipts tax. He also proposed withholding a gross receipts tax on government payments. He has asked the senate to move the collection of real property taxes from Dept. of Finance to the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Senator Bryan Arrested

Senator Bryan was arrested yesterday when he appeared voluntarily at police headquarters in St. Croix. He was read his rights and released on his own recognizance. Meanwhile the senator has files a suit in territorial court challenging the manner in which the legislature censured him and asking the court to reinstate him.

Frazer Wants a Recount

Congressman Victor Frazer wants to have a recount. He is not conceding defeat to Dr. Donna Christian Green until the votes are recounted and all the absentee votes are counted.

Vacation Planner from Dept. of Tourism

The Dept. of Tourism has produced the first annual Territorial Vacation Planner. There’s a 24 page model for consumer distribution. They are out 000 American Express card holders. There is also a 48 page model for travel agents.

Thanksgiving Day of Prayer

Did you miss the Thanksgiving Day of Prayer?You can catch it in reruns. WTJX will broadcast the Thanksgiving Day, November 28th at 10 AM. And WTJX will broadcast the Howard University Choir Concert, Thanksgiving day at 1 PM

Roof Program

If the rain reminds you that you have a blue tarp on your roof, then today is the day to sign up for the Governor’s roof replacement program. On St. Thomas the office is in Tutu Mall and on St. Croix the Governor’s roof replacement program is at each of the three administrator’s offices.

St. Thomas Swimming Association

St. Thomas Swimming Association is holding their annual meeting at 7:00 PM at the Virgin Islands Montessori School to elect a board of Directors and get an update on the aquatic center.

Parent Involvment Day in Schools

Today is Parent Community Involvement Day in the schools. All the schools are closed due to the rain, so today’s parent involvement is to get the kids and read them some stories at home.