Thursday, November 14, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


America’s Cup Yacht “Stars and Stripes” is Coming to St. Thomas

The Virgin Islands is bringing famed yacht Stars and Stripes to St. Thomas. This is the yacht that took Dennis Connor to the America’s Cup finals in 1992. The yacht should arrive around December 6th and be berthed at Crown Bay. The elimination’s races aren’t until October 1999, but training starts now. The yacht should cut quite a figure on the water front with its sleek lines and 110 foot mast. The America’s Cup challenge can revitalize our marine industry. So everyone watch for a graceful lady on the waterfront.

Sprauve Kids Recycle – Good Magazine Story

Go pick up a copy of Caribbean Travel and Life magazine. There’s a story about the kids in the Julius E. Sprauve School on St. John and their recycling program. The recycling program caught the attention of a writer and the magazine shows the kids in action. Liston Davis calles the school kids true tourism Ambassadors and they helped publicize out islands.

Gas Bombs on Water Island?

The Daily News reports that the Army corp. of engineers is going to hunt for gas bombs on Water Island. The topic has come up before, but now that the land transfer is happening, an effort is being made to settle the matter. The Army stored toxic gas in a large landfill on Water Island around World War 2. All but a few of the munitions are accounted for and all were destroyed.

Need a Roof?

The Governor’s Roof replacement program is looking for more roofs to replace. The first 13 million dollars is on hand, but the grant can support up to 30 million dollars worth of roof work. If your house is still not right Call 777-3587

New Investors in the Caribbean

How do we attract new investors to these islands. Well, the Caribbean Tourism Organization is going to hold a conference in The Bahamas in April to work on attracting new investors to the region. Their goal is to improve the regional investing climate.

Hurricane Thanksgiving Prayer Service

The Governor and Mrs. Schneider are hosting the second Thanksgiving Prayer Service on Saturday the 16th at Lionel Roberts Stadium with music and prayers of thanks for being spared in Hurricane season. Several denominations are participating and musicians are coming from St. John and St. Croix.

Casting Call

There is a casting call for people to appear in the new Virgin Islands television commercials. The casting call is on Saturday from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Sapphire Beach Resort. On St. Croix the casting call is Sunday from noon to 4:00 PM. They are looking for local character actors, boys and girls ages 5 to 8, women over 60, bikini beauties, tourist types and extras. Call 775-6100

Food Fair Coming Up.

The food fair is coming up. This weekend, the 16th and 17th the Food Fair is happening on the grounds of the Reichhold Center. There will be locally grown fresh herbs and vegetables. There’s face painting and clowns. The a raffle includes a calf, some round trip tickets to St. Croix, a weed eater, two parakeets and lots more. The music is by Imaginations Brass and Lashing Dogs. There’s fish net making, straw weaving and a cow milking demonstration. Fun for all at the Food Fair, coming up on Saturday and Sunday.