Thursday, November 07, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Governor Endorsed Congressman Victor Frazer for Delegate

It is like the aftershock to Tuesday’s earthquake, The Governor has endorsed Congressman Victor Frazer in the special run off election. Dr Donna Christian Green won’t debate, she says she’ll focus on St. Thomas where she was outpolled by Frazer. She’s confortable with a solid lead in St. Croix. In a US House of Representatives controlled by Republicans, either candidate will be in the minority. The run off election is scheduled for Nov 19th.

The Pinch is Coming

OK, Get ready for the pinch of the budget tightening. The Governor issued orders to cut overseas travel, reduce cell phones use. And forget late night trips in government cars. He’s called for more conference calls instead of inter-island visits, And NOPA’s will be limited to essential position.

AT&T Drilling Mess

OOPS! AT&T has a mess on its hands. Those holes they are drilling in St. Croix for new fibre optics, well the drilling mud is leaking out and its making a mess of the coral and sea life around the project. CZM has sut down the drilling operation until measures are taken to stop the leak and stop damaging to the coral.

Development Bank Head

Roy D Jackson, is going to be the new head of the Virgin Islands Government Development Bank. He is a well known CPA, first to be certified in the Territory. He will oversee the Development Bank, Small Business Development Agency, and economic research. He will also create a new loans division. The Governor has called for minor changes in the law to get the development bank going this month.

WAPA Bond Increase

Water and Power Authority got permission from the Public Services Commission to raise WAPA’s bond debt. The new funds will be used to build a new office building on Gramboko Hill and to build a new turbine power plant in Krum Bay and to rehabilitate some older boilers and turbines.

Our Hotels – Top in the Caribbean

Travel and Liesure Magazine polled their readers. Among the 25 Best Hotels in the Caribbean are St. John’s Caneel Bay #3 and The former Hyatt is #5; Buccaneer Hotel on St. Croix is # 20 and Frenchman’s Reef # 21. The Virgin Islands dominates the list of the best. The readers liked Sprat Hall Plantation, St. Croix and Estate Concordia, St. John. Travel and Liesure has nearly a million readers who will read this.

PO Problem

Our post office has a problem. Since there is construction at the airport, the mail going to PO Mailboxes is going to be delayed by two hours. Your 11 AM pick up won’t be ready until 1 PM.

Coming Up:

WTJX is bringing back its popular program, “And the Issue is…” with host Winston Brathwaite. The premier show is this evening at 9:00 PM

Coming Up Saturday – Virgin Islands Find is holding a fund raiser at Barnacle Bill.s Restaurant in Subbase from 9:00 PM until… VI Find is all about finding and helping children with disabilities, so the party is for the finest of causes.

The UVI Eastern Caribbean Center is hosting an economic summit on the Dynamics of Disaster: Impact, Recovery and Mitigation. That’s on Nov 11 and 12 at the Harbor View Hotel. The summit will identify the long term issues relating to natural disaster management. The National Science Foundation sent the grant to support the summit.

Finally This:

The Bennie Benjamin Scholarships in medicine were awarded yesterday. Three of the recipients are at Boston University in the early medical school program, they are Charisse Ward, Glenville Morton and Reva Hobson-Richardson. Other winners were Michael Williams Jr. Wincess Lyn Gentius, Christine de Jongh and Lorette Fahie. You have our congratulations and best wishes for the future.