Monday, November 18, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Water Island is Wreck-less

Over the weekend, crews removed five wrecks from Honeymoon Bay on Water Island leaving the beach wreck-less for the first time since Hurricane Luis. The Governor’s effort to clear the beach of debris has been a success to date. In other developments, the dump where hurricane debris has piled up in Flamingo Bay has also been reduced to the bare earth again. What was once an acre of debris in mountains has been totally removed.

Education Week

It is Education Week in the Virgin Islands. This years theme is, The Future Begins in Today’s School. Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, so take a moment and thank a teacher for doing their valuable work. St. Croix has a long list of activities for education week including open houses today at several schools. All week long student work is on display in the Tutu Mall.

Science Coordinator Job Open

The Department of Education is still looking for a territory wide coordinator of science education to do research on science education and provide support for science education. Applicants must have five years of science teaching and two years in the Virgin Islands Public schools. Contact Theolinda Connor at the dept. of education.

Work for Food Stamps

The Department of Human Services announced that as of November 22, all able bodied individuals between 18 and 50 without dependents who receive food stamps will be required to work in order to continue receiving the stamps. During any three year period an individual may avoid work for only three months, otherwise they have to work at least 20 hours per week. Or participate in one of the job training programs.

Little Princess Estate Greathouse

The Nature Conservancy members and volunteers are working on the restoration of the Little Princess Estate Greathouse porch this week. They are also widening the paths and working to make this historic Christiansted estate into a community center and tourist attraction. Call 773-5575 to volunteer.

Run Off Election For Delegate To Congress

The run off election for delegate to congress is scheduled for tomorrow. The Daily News says the delegate contest is an even match. The kids at Dober school gave the election to Congressman Victor Frazer with 90 votes to Dr Donna Christian Green 55. Each of the candidates is working in the district where they had a poor showing in the general election. The election is tomorrow, so plan to vote.

Cobex in the News

Cobex Internet offers you the Internet for less money than that big phone company. Call 776-4800 to put yourself on the Internet. And while the topic is Cobex Internet, don’t miss the feature story in today’s Daily News about Peter DeBlanc, the pioneer of Internet in the US Virgin Islands.


  • Committee to Revive Our Culture will hold a meeting for all craftspeople interested in the Annual Christmas Fair. The meeting is at 5:15 Sharp at the Cultural Heritage Institute 776-6977
  • The GERS pre-retirement workshop is on Wednesday, not tomorrow That’s a pre-retirement workshop at the Justice Law Library in the GERS Building Wednesday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Food Fair Raffle Results

Good news from the Food Fair, the raffle prize winners are in. 6th prize, Brunch for two at Leysians goes to Ivan Mills #1263. 5th prize, two parakeets and a cage goes to Cheryl Richards #1273. 4th prize is a weed eater for Lionel Connor #816. The 2 round trip tickets to St. Croix go to Eddie Freeman #977. A calf and 4 bags of feed go to Joset Daniel #105 and the TOP PRIZE a 600 gallon water tank goes to roland Berrry #1208.