Monday, November 11, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Today is Veterans Day – It is a Federal Holiday

Today is the day that commorates all veterans. We recall and mourn the loss of all service people who sacrificed in the defense of freedom. On St. Thomas the parade is from 3pm until everyone gets to Emancipation Garden for a program there. Take a moment today to honor a veteran, a gold star mother, and the kin of all veterans.

Chickie Morciglio’s Day

Sunday was Chickie Morciglio’s Day. Overall 7,000 people passed through the World’s Largest Pig roast and fund raiser for Chickie’s battle with cancer. Chickie may be the best example of the good news maker. And everyone came to show their respects for a man who was always there for others.

Some on Water Island Sue

A group of Water Island residents in Sprat Bay is suing to get a different deal on their land purchase. While most leaseholders on Water Island are buying their land directly from federal government, some have the Sprat Bay Corporation between them and the government. They don’t want to to pay a premium to the corporation to get their land. This one will play out in court, but will not effect other land sales on that Island.

Education Station

Education Station reports that their computers have arrived. There are computers for kids from age 3 months old up to adults. You can start getting ready for the 21st century by visiting Education Station and looking into a Christmas computer. That’s good news.

Seminar on Disaster

The UVI Eastern Caribbean Center is hosting an economic summit on the Dynamics of Disaster: Impact, Recovery and Mitigation. Its going on today at the Harbor View Hotel. The summit will identify the long term issues relating to natural disaster management. The summit is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Caribean Hotel Association

The Caribean Hotel Association released figures that show that Europeans are traveling more to the Caribbean. Cayman islands had a 25% increase in European visitors this past summer. That’s right summer. Euro-travelers are more likely to visit in the summer making them attractive to even out hotel traffiic.

Coming Up:

  • Miss Monique invites everyone to join the WSTA Christmas Choir. We need some powerhouse voices for the Christmas eve morning contest of the choirs. If you have singing in your heart Call Miss Monique at 774-1340.
  • The Dept of Property and Procurement is going to sell off a lot of office equipment. The auction is Nov 26th at the subbase location. The opportunity to view the goodies is Nov 25th from 8 to noon.
  • Carnival is coming. Applications for the Carnival Prince and Princess competition are now available at Daniel’s Variety Store and all public schools. Or Call 776-3112

Varicella Vaccine Day

Today is also Varicella Vaccine Day. Parents are encouraged to get their young children immunized against Chickenpox at the Hospital. The Varicella Vaccine day Fair will include T-shirts, coloring books crayons and pictures of Barney.