Friday, November 29, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


America’s Cup Challenge Team is Growing

The Virgin Islands America’s Cup Challenge keeps getting more and more serious. Peter Holmberg, announced the addition of three Virgin Islands residents to the staff and Board of Directors. William Canfield of Little Switzerland will join the Board of Directors. Alvin White will be the Director of Development and Arlene Martel is going to be the media relations officer. This group is growing and so is their intent to put the Virgin Islands on the map in the sailing world.

Plutonium Through Caribbean ?

GreenPeace is monitoring a shipment of Plutonium scheduled to travel from France to Japan later this year. The shipment is 40 glass blocks with more than 20 million curies of radioactivity. The shipment represents 6000 times more radio active material than in that Russian satellite that caused such concern. GreenPeace is calling on all countries in the transit path to protest and prevent the transport of deadly nuclear waste through our waters.

Frazer Demands Recount

Congressman Victor Frazer has filed the necessary papers to demand a recount of the ballots for the delegate to congress race. No date has yet been set to count the absentee votes. Frazer cites irregularities at Larsen school and that members of the Board of Elections were active in Dr. Green’s campaign.

Dept. of Public Works News

Dept. of Public Works has a temporary phone problem. The temp number is 774-1301. Public Works also announced that the 4 new buses have arrived in St. Croix. The buses are equipped with two way radios, and platform lifts for wheelchairs. They went into service yesterday on St. Croix .

Turtle News!

There’s good news for turtles in St. Croix this week. At the Paul E. Joseph Stadium the stadium lights disrupt turtle hatchlings, they get confused and go toward the stadium instead of the sea. The beach is the largest nesting beach for endangered leatherback turtles and the lights killed up to 6,000 each year. So the government is installing visors to keep light off the beach. That will make Sandy Point National Wildlife refuge a better refuge for turtles.

Calendar Event of the Day

  • Today is the commemoration of the St. John insurrection of 1733, at the Cruz Bay bandstand at 12:30.
  • On Saturday the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the creation of the national park on St. John is being celebrated at the ball field next to the national park center. That’s at 1PM Saturday

Arts Alive Today

Arts Alive is Alive today. There’s so much to see with dozens of artists. James Mapes will be signing his book on Quantum Leap Thinking this evening. There are dozens of musicians and artists at Arts Alive. Painter David Francke and Jose Luis Rodrigues will show their works. Hugo Moolenaar and his daughter will fill the mocko jumbie job, In the music arena, Voices of Love, Harmony dem, and the jazz combo B Sharp are all coming to entertain you. Arthur LaFranchise’s paintings of underwater scenes are worth a trip. Arts Alive begins today at 10 AM and continues Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 6.