Friday, November 15, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


What Happened to the Hospitality Institute?

What happened to the Hospitality Institute? They met yesterday to bring it to life, but alas, they have no budget and no plans. The Casino Control Act mandates a Hospitality Institute to teach the hotel and casino trades. With no budget all they could do was form a committee to draft by-laws and rules.

Thanks, but no thanks…

The St. Croix Environmental Association has decided it doesn’t want a $5,000 donation from AT&T. They’re sending the money back. Citing AT&T’s environmental mess at their drilling site, The environmental association says they must be totally independent. AT&T says the donation happened long ago, they will clean up the mess they made.

Road Construction Ahead

Dept. of Public Works announced that the federal highway administration has granted exceptions to the bid proceedures allowing quick action to resurface roads on St. Croix. In related news, Gear traveled by barge to Water island this morning to begin the resurfacing of the roads on that island.

Buses Coming to St. Thomas

VITRAN says they are bringing some buses from St. Croix to St. Thomas to relieve the shortage here. Nine of twenty busses are out of service. St. Croix just got some new mini-busses so they have extra. Nine engines are on order, but not yet here.

Three for Confirmation

Governor Schneider has sent the formal nominations to the Senate of Liston Davis’ to be Commissioner of Education, Wylie Whisonant’s to Tourism and Thomas J O’Hara to the Board of the Government Development Bank.

More on Stars and Stripes

We told you yesterday that the Stars and Stripes America’s Cup Yacht was coming to St. Thomas. But did you hear how local companies are participating.The purchase of the yacht was made possible by Cornelius Prior and his wife and another anonymous donor. Crown Bay Marina is contributing the dock slip to the vessele. Topa Equities is also backing the Challenge. You are going to see the America’s Cup Challenge – every day.

Is Guyana going on the Internet before you?

Atlantic TeleNetworks announced it will bring its Guyana phone system onto the global Internet. Guyana will be one of the last countries on earth to get the internet. In the USA 14.7 million people are no on the Internet. doubling the number from last year Oh and in related news, Somehthing new called Hospitality Net that just formed on the internet with information, news items and a job exchange for people in the hotel industry. The web site is Maybe this is part of the answer to our Hospitality Institute.


  • The Governor and Mrs Schneider are hosting the second Thanksgiving Prayer Service on Saturday the 16th at Lionel Roberts Stadium with music and prayers of thanks for being spared in Hurricane season.
  • If you are an election worker, your instructional meeting is at CAHS Cafeteria tonight at 5:30. On St. John the meeting will be Sunday Nov 17th at 4:30 PM at Julius E. Sprauve School.
  • Coming up Tomorrow: Parenting Skills Workshop Called How to Raise a Trouble Free Child is at the Wesleyan Academy from 9: to 1: PM. Admission is Free.
  • Coming up Saturday UVI Premier concert band has an evening of Classical and Spiritual Music on St. John at at the Lutheran Church Nazareth in Cruz Bay. That’s tomorrow at 8:00 PM
  • Also tomorrow: The Key to a Successful Business where Attoryney’s Drew and Pearson will teach you about Business Law at Harborview Hotel from 10 to 4 o’clock. This is a charitable benefit for American Cancer Society.

The Food Fair is this Weekend

The food fair is this weekend at the Reichhold Center. There are flu shots for the elderly at the Food Fair, bring your medicare card on Sunday between noon and 3:00 PM The food fair also has locally grown vegetables and herbs, kids games, clowns, the raffle includes a calf, round trip tickets to St. Croix, a weed eater, and parakeetes. The music is by Imaginations Brass and Lashing Dogs. There are demonstration of old time crafts, fish net making, straw weaving and the cow milking demonstration. The Food Fair is Saturday and Sunday at the Reichhold Center.